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To The Locals

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*The sound of loud rap can be heard before someone says to lower it in Spanish, Javier then interjects*

"Listen up pendejos, we came to Severograd to speak business yesterday. You greeted me with open arms and we had a few laughs, yet you ambushed us, calling us beaners and shit. Hell no homie. Today we showed you who we are, not even a single casualty. You have twenty-four hours to contact me willing to sort this out. I'm sure you guys can drop your egos after these last two incidents and value you and your peoples lives a little more. Either way, contact me on this frequency if you are willing to sort this shit out or not."

*Javier puffs a J before resuming his music loudly over the frequency, releasing the PTT shortly after*




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Guest RyanOG

*Jay presses PTT*

What's In Severograd?

Don't seem like nice people... might have to have a look. If you feel me.

*releases ptt*

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