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Bad version, server rejected connection.

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As Rover stated above, you want to subscribe to the DayZRP mod pack. Make sure only those mods are enabled and disable all other mods. Good luck.


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Ive had this problem as well, and there are a variety of issues that could do this. 

1: you arent using the built in DayZ Launcher. Do NOT try to log onto DayZRP via the steam launcher. 

2: You dont have all the mods. Do NOT enable the DayZRP Beta mod, if you have it.

3: Your files arent verified. Be sure to verify your files and make sure everything is in tip top shape before you log on. 

4: Your name isn't matching the name you whitelisted as. If in the DayZ Launcher, there should be a name parameter. Put in whatever name you RP as, exactly as how its spelt.

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