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Question abouth crash

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Hi to all players,

Sorry to bother but I have a question. Did my character stay on server after my pc crash? Because couple of minutes back I was in camp and being robed but in that proces my pc  freez and crash to blue screen and after I reconnect back to server my character was death probably was shoot. 

Thank for all answers and have a nice day

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If you were tied up before you crashed then it is likely you died from that, characters don't die upon crashes from the server or the player's PC

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It's not guaranteed that you will die but there is a high chance, you can always ask in OOC *//can I be unrestrained because of death glitch, I will emote being restrained* to solve the issue if the other party is ok with it

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Posted (edited)

I dont have a chance do ooc 😞 robery was over and i try get out of the handcuffs but in midle of that proces pc freez and dont respond and than crash and shut down 😞

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