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Group cap

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Is there no current group cap? if not why?
I really don't get why one group should have more than 25 ish max.

@Roland Alright the reason I feel that there needs to be a cap is due to the fact that a group of 25 is really enough people do as you wish, when groups start going upwards of 30 + what sorta RP is to be had except for just huge goon squads rolling about, having 40+ is a huge chunk of the player base and having so many people does not benefit anyone except for themselves having such numbers split would give a bigger dynamic and groups to be about instead everyone clumped up in one group.

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Well, I don't know why there would be a cap? A lot of people like playing together and strength in numbers, so good for them.

Perhaps you should be more specific in your question why you think there should be a cap of max 25 members.


@Eagle I think you should create a suggestion + poll to measure how community feels about this. I don't really really feel strongly one way or another, sure big squads may be intimidating, but then again with a limit in place, one big group could just split into two groups with similar ideas which then get allied and it would result in very much the same thing.

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