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The Spirits see everything (66.6)

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People of Chernarus, my name is Peter and I am a shepherd of the Spirts..

The Spirits told me that the sinners have returned to Chernarus.

More and more people are sinning.. hurting innocent people, are killing innocent people and are stealing from innocent people.

I will return but this time I will not be alone, I will be with all my brothers and sisters.. and Father..

We will return, we will sacrifice anyone who angers the spirits, yes we will.

And thats why we give everyone 1 choice, 1 opportunity to join the brotherhood.

Sacrifice for the spirits, give your life to the spirits.

This is your one and only warning, if we find sinners, we will harm you.. we will harm your children.. if needed, we do not care.

Your faith lays in your own hands.. it really does


You will not see us coming.

You might have 200 people with heavy guns but we will kill you in your sleep..

Because everyone needs to sleep



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Guest RyanOG

*Jay presses the ptt*

"Okay, that might be the craziest thing I've heard so far, Better not sacrifice me or you'll get a swift smack bruh"

*Releases PTT*

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*Dominik listens, slightly concerned at the mans creepy voice and pushes the PTT*

"Dominik thinks we will sleep in shifts so the creepy radio voice cannot get Dominik."

*Dominik shakes off the thought quickly distracted by a butterfly and releases the PTT* 

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*Radomir picks up his radio, a concerned look upon his face, before pressing down the PTT*

Ano bratr, this is what the locals have been speaking of eh, the stuff of myth and legend, the haunted landmarks, the creaks in the night, the howls in the woods.

I knew one day they would come out of hiding and seek to claim back the homeland, I fear this day is upon us, gather the men bratr, it is going to be a long night.

*Radomir releases the PTT as he pulls over his ghille shrug and picks up his rifle*

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You can hear a man choking on his own blood

"Be Quiet be quiet.. sshhh, its fine.. ssshhhh its fine..."

"You will be sacrificed my dear friend.. ssshhh.. no need for this.. ssshh.."

"Ok, like I told you, sinners will be sacrificed.. let this man.."

"see this as a warning people."

"We will not stop untill all sinners are sacrificed or dead.."



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Peter hits the start button of the recording device

"People of Chernarus.. Today you will be a part of a sacrifice.."

"You will hear what will happen to everyone who disrespects the Spirits.."

"I got a good friend named Johnny, locked up all safe.."

"I will sacrifice him today.."

'If you hear this.. well.. I will record this on a little recording device and I will loop this message.."

"First we sharpen the knifes.."

He would sharpen the knife he is gonna use

"That will do, lets go and look at Johnny"

He walks over to the next room

"This is Johnny everyone, Johnny say hello.."

You can hear a man sobbing in the background

"You stupid human, alright here we go"

"You will be sacrificed to the Spirits.."

"Spirits take his soul"

Slices the man's throat

"Here we go.. Praise the Spirits.. Praise them.."

"Let this be a message people of Chernarus.. Let this be a message.."

He stops recording. He then lays the recording device next to a radio and presses start. The message would repeat itself a couple times.


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