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To Doctor hope and other Doctors of Camp Hope (Open Freq)

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Pasha nails a bloody doctors mask to the front gate of Camp Hope

"D7 will never forget, Dr. hope and the other doctors are murderers"

"Confess your crimes to the people or more doctors will be killed"

He steps back and looks at the D7 tattoo on his hand

"Your time is running out"

"I know you are not the innocent folk you pretend to be"

"Meet me for your confession or I will continue with my revenge"

He releases the PTT and walks away


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*Grachi was sitting next to the table in the bar looking at the pictures of his family and listening onto the radio if something was going on, now that he got a battery on it A man's voice sounded onto it and he just squinted his eyes and rubbed the bandage going around his head*

"Tovarishch... I don't know what you are on about with this. But even my tiniest bit of time over there last night, showed me that they are good people... But. Izvinite, If I just may say that this is not the first time I've heard things like this on the radio. I'm hoping that you have way of proving these bad things to everyone. Because a strangers word in the radio won't convince anyone. So, I wish you luck on this crusade against doctors and medics. 

*He takes a swig from the bottle and presses the ptt again*

За здоровье! За врачи!!

*Man puts the radio down and starts cleaning his pistol. Maybe he would go outside and find some friends like Lexi had suggested him.*


For good health! For Doctors!!


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Posted (edited)

*A man would get on the radio, he would chuckle before speaking.*

"I wonder how everyone is going to even survive if we're killing off doctors now. You do realize that doctors are specialists in the fields of medicines right? As in they are some of the last people alive that can diagnose illnesses, stitch up wounds, keep you from dying from gunfights?.. Even without that being considered, given D7's occupation it's quite hypocritical to be executing doctors for being 'murders'. This whole thing in itself is quite a conundrum. With all that being said, a birdie told me Hope's body was found several days ago, I suppose that was D7's handiwork?"

*He would release the PTT, letting the frequency return to static.*

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*A mid-western sounding man's voice would radiate once the chatter quieted down after hearing the transmission.*

"It seems very counter-intuitive from what you're saying. You've never even been to camp or have seen any of the Doctors, but you're quick to instantly say that they're murderers which makes practically no sense whatsoever. They go through a lot just to save any and all patients, provide the most up to date standard professional medical care for anyone looking for it, regardless of faction affiliation. I'm not even sure why they're being attacked so constantly other than to create more chaos and just to satisfy themselves."

*The voice would disappear, returning to a simple white noise.*

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