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In Memoriam (For Perma-Deathed Characters in New Lore)

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Aaron Grey pondered the statue for a minute and then walked over to it.  The visions of events from months ago still burnt into his retinas, like it were yesterday.  He reached into his pocket and retrieved a small pocket knife.  He began to carve into the front of the marble the two names he held dearest to him.  He paused when he was done and backed away.  Satisfied he walked away.


//Did this back in 2015 and thought I'd bring it back for the current lore.

The following is a list of perma-dead characters.  Which will be updated when possible.  It can be loved ones of your characters, or your characters themselves who have passed.  

Ground rules:  

-Do not add another person's character to this list (unless you have full permission to do so)

-you can add backstory characters (say your characters father, sister, loved one) - however they must have perished during the Chernarus outbreak.  

-Have fun with it add a little backstory to each post (if you have had a character die tell a short story of who is carving their name, how they died etc.)

-Also try to keep characters on this list dead, however if they are brought back mention it and a strike will be put through their name.  None of the stories here can be used in character, using the names seen as reason to think the character is dead is ok, but everything else will be considered metagaming


-Lacey Jones

-Jared "Coach" Wiggley

-Preston Fleetley-Malone

-Minnie ‘Mouse’ McKaine

-Karmen Rowe

-Odin Nordvik

-Pasi "Old man, Grandad" Plomqvist

-Aiden Carmine

-Artyom "Arty" Tarkov


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Preston Fleetley-Malone
Preston, a sufferer of MPD, was commonly mistaken by others because of her personalities (Oriel, Kinsley and Rosalind). Eventually one of the personalities deemed it unfit and threatened to kill anyone whom tried stopping her. Even her own fiance. The personality, Oriel, was the one to attack close friends of his and Preston. Eddie Malone and Aiden Carmine. Aiden fires back and catches her in a vital organ. She bleeds out (whilst Aiden, behind Eddie's back, attempts to choke her out). 

A grave lays out of the house where she lays with the following:

Preston Malone - Loving Wife - Nurse - Human Being

Minnie 'Mouse' McKaine
After a miscarriage and guilt, Mouse starts using painkillers and any sort of drug to ease the pain and guilty conscious. Leading it for accusations by her husband (Noah McKaine) because of his jealously and insecurities of her cheating leads her to cheat on the Mayor of Novaya Petrovka, Jimmy 'Pogo' White. Soon divorced, leads it to her insanity - torturing Noah for the pain and deceiving lies he start about her for her own redemption. 
Scouting by herself, she ends up being mauled by wolves but killing them off and them scaring off. She drags herself to a medical camp with heavy blood loss. Whilst being treated, someone injects morphine into her and does not notify a doctor. When they inject an epipen, it leads to her heart attack and death.

She is now buried under a tree near Novaya Petrovka school. Her grave is decorated with a crescent moon carved into the tree and a photo pinned above the carving of her in America whilst visiting Noah over a mountain.


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Karmen Rowe

Loved the wrong man, got her head chopped off. Her head is buried at Black Lake, her body has yet to be recovered.

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Odin Nordvik

he tried to teach people around the land a hard lesson about life but in the end he was the one that needed to learn

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Pasi "Old man, Grandad" Plomqvist

Old man, stranded in a foreign country with his friend, broke up with him and set out to land, to make it a better place for all. He traveled far and wide. He saw sadness and sorrow, happiness and laughter. He was not a soldier, going around with his gun blazing, saving others from harm. He was not a doctor, fixing a broken limb and patching a wound on the chest.

He was a kind man, man of words and hope. He saved others from themselves by talking them out of harms way, he fixed peoples hearts cast into darkness and making them feel the warmth in them once more. 

He met many, and many loved him. But his life was not easy. He suffered as many others. He got tortured by men he thought good, he helped his sick friend to leave the world, he struggled deep within him to help his grand daughters to not stray from his path to help them. 

When he came to Chernarus, he had nothing. But in Chernarus, he got everything. A loving family of doctors, soldiers and common people. He got friends he would have called daughters and sons. Women whom he called as his grandchildren. 

He died, in a room crippled. In a hospital bed, with a blind man next to him, his friend James Cole. He got his head chopped off by a paranoid man, whom he once called a friend. 

His body is buried in the orchard at Berezino by his granddaughter Khendra, and his head at the cliffs of Tisy's summer camp, bureid by Doctor Hope Pisces, so he may watch the sunset of Chernarus to the ends of time. 

Now his friends carry on the torch and the hope he held for everyone. May his Grand-daughters find their way in life, to be able to live it to their fullest.

"When the life ends, so ends Death"

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-updated wall to heeere

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Aiden Carmine

Friend of Eddie Malone and Preston Fleetley-Malone. Tried to save them but ended up killing the two of them...in the end...it was insanity that got the best of him.

Artyom "Arty" Tarkov

Came to South Zagoria to find his half-brother Aiden Carmine. Ended up joining PAMYATI to "save" the country...lies and corruption showed him that was wrong and he then became a Savior and help fight off the Russians. He met two amazing friends of Noah McKaine and Mouse McKaine. Met a lovely lady called Karmen Rowe...Artyom tried, in the end, to help South Zagoria...but South Zagoria did not want him to help. Rest In Peace Arty

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Really enjoying these stories so far!  Keep em' coming people!

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