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Mistar Dumitru shop [Open Freq]

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Overlooking the huge docks, Dumitru lays out his inventory in front of him, notepad in hand and picks up the radio, tapping it once to make sure it works.

*broken English, strong east european accent*

Hellau friends and future customars,

You not know me but I will becom your best frind soon. I is proud to announce that my shop is open. *struggling to find his words* Even if the strigoi are eating everyone, you need fun, yes? You need food, *corrects himselfGOOD food, yes? You need fight to strigoi, yes?

Mistar Dumitru has everything you need. For fair price, I give you fun, food and fight. Even small gun, for strigoi.

These are prices. Prices are not stone, we can talk.

*shuffles his notepad around, clears his throat*

Numbar 1: Fun. 

a) Fun bear for woman. Has 1 bottle Vodka. Good stuff, doesn't make sick; 1 can notacola - to mix with vodka, make cocktail, yes?; handfull of maria. I can roll for extra price. NOT FOR KIDS. Cost 150 roubles or trade for something I need.

b) Fun bear for man. 1 vodka, 3 packs cigarettes for strong man. Not for wimpy man. Cost same as woman.

c) Fun sack. Two bears, one for man, one for woman, 2 beer, 1 bag chips,1 more cigarette and matches for cigarettes. Price is 350.

Numbar 2: Food

I have sodas and cans. For extra, I hunt for you. FOR HUNT HALF IS PAYED FIRST. If weather good and you have taime to wait, I grow for you. FOR GROW HALF IS PAYED FIRST. Price - we talk, but it fair.

Numbar 3: Fight

I have bullets for small guns, hunting raifle or shotgun. I DO NOT HAVE BULLETS FOR MACHINE GUN. Price is good, bullets are very good. I only sell for shoot strigoi or hunt. I do not sell bullets for military. If I see you with big guns or military, I do not sell bullets for you. *chuckles* Don't kill mai customers, eh? 

I also sell pack of gun that has 1 pistol, good pistol with silancar, 2 magazynes and 50-100 bullets. For extra, I add flashlgght, battery and extra silancar. 250 rubles without extra.

I repeat. I NOT SELL big guns. I NOT SELL big gun ammo. I NOT SELL bullets to soldier.

*takes a swig of vodka, tired from all the talking*

Remember mai name: Dumitru. And the three F. You can find me on this radio, I come to you. Also, if you see me, I carry purple bag and am very beautifull. Watch your woman. *laughs as he releases the PTT*


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He was at the very least surprised to hear someone else on the radio, quickly stopping his walking and taking out his patched up radio in a hurry. He lets the man finish his speech, before pressing the talk button, trying to get a signal.

(Typical chernarussian accent)
"Glad to hear there's still traders around, for I am one myself, friend! Pleasure to meet you, most people call me Rockie. You certainly have some great offers for any travellers, but I have a few good supplies with me as well, and I was considering setting up a deal, if you'd wish."

You hear the mixed sounds of shuffling stuff, followed by a ziper oppening and metallic sounds of the man's rattling goods.

"I have plenty of goods, such as radios, parts for cars, ammo, tools, knives and even a beautiful acoustic guitar to charm some ladies on the roads!"

The transmission was cut, ending with his chuckling.

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