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Camp Pisces Hunter Shack [One-way Broadcast Freq.]

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*Hunter would sit down by the bar inside of the Tavern in Camp Pisces. He would take a drag of his cigarette as he would clear throat. Hunter would then step inside of the Kitchen inside of the Tavern into the back room which had some radio equipment which he had recently got ahold of and had set it up inside of the Tavern. It was a One-Way Frequency however but Hunter already had an idea what he would use the equipment for. He would sit down as he would turn on the radio as his Ukrainian Accent was now being heard*

"Hello, fellow Survivors in South Zagoria. For those who do not know my name is Hunter Moroz and I am the Head Chef at Camp Pisces, a Medical Camp where all are welcome for medical help or just need somewhere to come and relax, but now I have officially opened up the Bar and managed to get ahold of Kitchen equipment which is being powered thanks to our generators. Thanks to this I am able to make some amazing food and drinks for anyone who is looking for a bite to eat or an ice cold drink which I am happy to announce that Hunters Shack is now open!  With that being said I am using this Frequency to let whoever is listening in to hear what I shall be cooking and serving every day for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Of course, if want a quick bite to eat I am always happy to help you out. With that being said here is the menu for today" 

"Breakfast is the following..."

"Freshly cooked Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Pancakes, Toast with homemade Ketchup which will be served with either Orange Juice or Apple Juice" 

"Lunch is the following..."

"Sandwiches with pick and mix. Choose from a variety of different vegetables, fruit, meats and some sauces I have managed to create to add onto your Lunch"

"And for Dinner, it is the following..."

"Cooked Haddock served with Lemon with potatoes that have been cut up into chips. It will be served with salt and any kind of Alcohol for Adults and any kind of Juice or Sodas for Children"

"With that being said, this is Hunter Moroz signing off. Stay safe out there everybody" 


*Hunter would turn off the radio as he sat back and lighted another cigarette with a smile across his face*

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