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Server time (UTC): 2019-08-19, 10:56
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S1 Stary Yar Bad RP/NVFL 2019-04-14, 00:57

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Server and location: S1, Stary Yar

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-04-14, 00:57

Your in-game name: Vali Kuznetsov

Names of allies involved: @Batok @Xehara @Hunter @DaBets

Name of suspect/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 



Detailed description of the events: Some of Funeral Parlor and I were running around Dr. Hope's camp. After a situation started there we ran up to Stary Yar to look for a group that is starting camp there. I was given IC information that he is an old-time enemy of mine so we thought we would interrogate anyone we found. We thought the town was clear and were about to make a move when one of my men found someone in a house. I approached and all the man said was "yee yee". After trying to get him to speak for some time I initiated and began giving orders. He complied but gave 0 RP. I got fed up with the lack of RP and wanted to see how bad it really was. I told him he needed to look and me and speak or be killed. He turned around and didn't say a thing. Dead. I then went into the DayZRP discord and spoke to @RandyRP about the situation and we tried to contact him on the forums and discord. He never replied and it has been hours later.

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Hit Logs:

00:54:55 | Player "Yaropolk Yusupov" [HP:96.5] hit by Player "Lukas Stika" into Head for 3.5 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
00:56:38 | Player "Yaropolk Yusupov" (DEAD) [HP:0] hit by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" into Head for 34 damage (Bullet_762x39) with SK 59/66 from 1.98671 meters 

Kill Logs:

00:56:38 | Player "Yaropolk Yusupov" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vali Kuznetsov" with SK 59/66 from 1.98671 meters 

Chat Logs:

00:51:59 | Chat("Vali Kuznetsov"): *pats down for radio*
00:52:02 | Chat("Vali Kuznetsov"): // do i find

Connection Logs:

00:17:04 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" is connected
01:43:08 | Player "Vali Kuznetsov" has been disconnected

00:48:48 | Player "Yaropolk Yusupov" is connected

23:01:36 | Player "Lukas Stika" is connected
01:29:16 | Player "Lukas Stika" has been disconnected
01:29:44 | Player "Lukas Stika" is connected
01:44:41 | Player "Lukas Stika" has been disconnected

23:04:01 | Player "Batok Henry" is connected
01:29:14 | Player "Batok Henry" has been disconnected
01:31:53 | Player "Batok Henry" is connected
01:44:39 | Player "Batok Henry" has been disconnected

23:04:51 | Player "Constance DeVoe" is connected
01:29:05 | Player "Constance DeVoe" has been disconnected
01:34:51 | Player "Constance DeVoe" is connected
01:44:37 | Player "Constance DeVoe" has been disconnected

23:05:31 | Player "Escanor Williams" is connected
01:29:17 | Player "Escanor Williams" has been disconnected
01:29:41 | Player "Escanor Williams" is connected
01:44:42 | Player "Escanor Williams" has been disconnected

Calling in:

@HDragon - Vali Kuznetsov | POSTED

@crearbin - Yaropolk Yusupov

@Hunter - Lukas Stika | POSTED

@Batok - Batok Henry | POSTED

@Xehara - Constance DeVoe | POSTED

@DaBets - Escanor Williams

For their full detailed POV. Along with any other evidence that they may have. Please also list all of you allies that were involved. 

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Alright well my friend dabets is in a house by hm=imself when he randomly gets the life scared out of him by a guy screaming yeet, now I tried my best to talk to him in every way shape and form in a friendly matter, then it gets hostile since we feel like he is being extremely rude and disrespectful, we find a yellow armband on him to which we had some fire fights against people wearing them in zelen,(we found them on the dead boides) but no matter the question the guy wouldn't answer, only with a yeet. 

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Was the first person to run into Yaropolk Yusupov and from the start he never spoke a Single phrase that wasn't YEE YEE. Was given several times to speak and comply with the demands he did nothing but say "yee yee" the whole time.

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Posted (edited)

Constance PoV: 

We were wandering around Stary Yar helping @HDragon find a specific point of contact. We ( @Hunter @Batok @GrizzlyOG @HDragon @DaBets ) were getting ready to head out, assuming the town was empty when I hear over the radio (discord) that there is someone in a house nearby. I am distracted on the initial part of this because there was a delivery at my house around this time so I had to step away for a moment. When I get back I hear random "Yee yee"s coming from the house. I enter the house and take up position to aid those I am with. I continue to hear "Yee Yee" and at one point in the video posted you can see me pop my head up the stairs to try and get a look at the guy before going back to my post. He never speaks aside from the "Yee Yee", even when told to do so or he will be executed. My game froze right as the execution occurs, only resyncing to see everyone downstairs because the aforementioned person's body fell through the floor. 

Edited by Xehara
Forgot to tag rest of allies.

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We left the nearby camp and made our way to Stary Yar, where I heard somebody saying "Yee Yee." Not really sure what is going on, but eventually the person is taken hostage. He doesn't say a word other than "Yee Yee" no matter what is going on. I tried to get the hostage to speak or say anything. We were either met with silence, or the hostage constantly turning away from us and facing the wall. I tried punching them to get some sort of reaction only to be met the normal silence or moving around. Eventually they were executed. 

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Please close the report. After talking to @crearbin on PM we have come to a good resolution.

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A team of staff members have looked over the report.

We are glad that you were able to talk it out. With that said we will honor the OPs request and close the report.

If this report continued @crearbin you would have been found guilty of BadRP & NVFL.


Signed by: @Pontiff & @RandyRP

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