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To Rex's New Friend [Open Freq.]

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*Rex was sitting up in a low tree, cleaning blood from underneath his face mask. A scrap of paper would nearly fall out of his pocket before he caught it. Rex stared at the frequency written on the paper for a moment before fumbling his radio out of his vest and, with twitching fingers, turning it to the correct frequency before speaking.*

"H...Hello? This is Rex. Uhm...Rex doesn't often talk over the radio like this but he wanted to let you know that he is doing okay. Rex isn't tired anymore and is, as far as he can tell, safe! Rex should be out exploring pretty soon, so we might run into each other again! Rex is still a tad shaken up from all the stuff that happened yesterday, but he wants you and your other friends to stay safe as well. And your bunnies! Rex hopes they are doing good, and he is glad that they don't hate him anymore. Rex is gonna uhh...stop talking for now."

*Rex, having finished cleaning his mask by this point, put it back on his face to hide the manged smile and teeth beneath. He didn't even bother to suppress the involuntary laugh that escaped his scarred lips as his right hand began to spasm again. When the fit ceased, Rex climbed down from his tree and set out on his way.*

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*A man with a Chernarussian accent hears the strange chatter and responds with his own radio*

"Why are you talking in third person strange American boy? Did you take those strange new drugs?"

*He lets go and shrugs to himself*

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*Rex tilts his head to the side at the mans words before replying*

"No, Rex does not do drugs. This is simply the way he speaks. Drugs are bad and no one should ever use them."

*Rex pondered the odd man for a moment*

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*He holds down his PTT and responds*

"Where are you Rex, do you have a passport?"

*He chuckles to himself and let's go*

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Posted (edited)

*Emma looks at the view as she hears her radio go off before she presses down the PTT*

"Me and my bunnies are so happy you are doing okay, Rex!

*She looks down at her imaginary bunny on her lap and chuckles* 

"I will be traveling around the same areas we were traveling yesterday! Me and my bunnies hope to see you again today!"

*Emma mumbles to her bunny before standing up and releasing the PTT*

Edited by Cookie

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*Rex excitedly pulls his radio from  his vest, nearly dropping it in the process before replying*

"R-Rex might be a little busy today, got a few things to do. But if he can find the time then Rex will absolutely try to meet up with y'all again! Rex will try to keep you updated if he can."

*Rex slid his radio back into his vest pocket, another spasm causing his head to tilt to the side for a second before he regained his composure*

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