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Cuzz's Ban Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair:

I feel as if the verdict is unfair because it is my first offense on the server and I feel as if five days is a little rough. I've put in a lot of hours on the server since getting accepted and plan to put in more but I feel as if five days is a little harsh. I understand why I was banned.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

There is no evidence to show that it wasn't good role play. I feel as if myself saying that I had to act quickly is not a determining factor that I didn't role play properly. I feel as if I role played correctly given the situation I was in. My friends recently got robbed and shot at NWAF and I was on completely on edge. Being at NWAF gives my character anxiety because it is not a safe place to be. When we saw Stoney's character running down the airfield, it looked like one of the guys that robbed our friends earlier so we simply decided to act on the situation. They left my friends with barely anything and were at least trying to get something back in return. During the role play situation between me and the other play I was mugging at the time, It was not bad role play. I was saying short orders because my character was scared, alone, and afraid of other people coming to the situation asking questions. I expressed this in the way I talked. Short orders, yelling voice, slurring words, and so forth. I was trying to make it seem like my character was scared and having second thoughts while doing it.  But like I said earlier, there is no evidence proving that I didn't role play correctly. For the logging out part, that is completely on me and I own up to that. I wasn't thinking that night.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: 

I would like to unbanned or at least a shorter punishment because I feel as if it was a little harsh for my first offense. I understand why I was banned and you definitely will not be seeing me make one of these again in the future.

What could you have done better?:

I now know the standards of role play this server has. I thought I did fine but I now know what it takes and I am willing to go above those standards to give everyone around me a enjoyable role play experience. I definitely could've waited more time before I logged out, but Like I said I wasn't thinking and it was late. That is on me, and I apologize for that. Definitely could've done that better.

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Hey there @cuzz,

A different team of staff members have looked into the report and your appeal and we have decided to deny your appeal.

We do not take time played and/or how new someone is to the community into account when it comes to punishment, everyone has to follow the same rules and is punished the same way when it comes to rule-breaks. Someone who is new to the community had to read and follow the same rules as someone who has been a part of this community for a longer time, and as such, they will be punished for breaking the rules the same way. The only exception we make is in the form of a one-time caution/verbal warning, but is only done for minor rule-breaks such as 'Unnecessary posts', or during extenuating circumstances in a report.

The original verdict is fair, as you did commit BadRP by doing a quick robbery that involved little to no RP, as well as combat log by leaving the server 13 minutes after committing a hostile action. My advice to you is that you use the time that you are banned to re-read the rules so that you are sure that you understand them fully and can prevent a situation like this from unfolding. I'd also like to advise you, as a newer player, to sit back and play a more peaceful character for a while, so that you can observe other players and learn from them.

With that being said,


Outcome |

Appeal Denied - Ban & Points Remain


Signed | @Banshee & @DrMax

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