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Invalid Intiation report by ScarRp(defense rights?)

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Ok So I was looking at the report against the revenants by scar rp. So my question is about @shipwreck117 and his ban. So in the report you can see that he shot someone (00:01:53 | Player "Zorin Navalov" hit by Player "Ivan Malkovka" into RightLegwith M1A SOCOM from 204.296 meters) but didn't he have defender rights due to some of his teammates being shot and hit before his kill? Some of the people who were hit before him where Ash (00:01:00 | Player "Ash Petrov" hit by Player "Vitaliy Makarovich" into LeftArm with LAR from 54.3152 meters ),  Clayton(00:01:12 | Player "Clayton Biggsbe" hit by Player "Rustin Jones" into RightLeg with LAR from 14.0123 meters), and some more. Im just kind of confused here so if you could clear some things up for me that would be great.             Cant Respond so second question: Why is the people who didn't initiate also Punished if they think its a valid initiation?


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No. You cannot gain kill rights off a rulebreak. As such the only means for him to gain proper kill rights, even with his group mates taking fire, would be to reinitiate on his target himself. 

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When a hostile situation starts, the sides of the conflict are determined and set. Those sides do not change, no matter what happens afterwards and you cannot have both attacker and defender rights for the same situation. Example:

  1. A hostile situation starts, usually because A initiates on B
  2. At this very moment, the sides of the conflict are determined and set. Since it was A who initiated, A gain attacker rights, while B gain defender rights
  3. Even if members of A get shot at by members of B as part of self-defense, A does not gain defender rights! They already have attacker rights and that's what they keep until the end of the conflict.

To answer your second question, kills from invalid initiations are punished because of two reasons:

  1. It increases the "quality" of hostile situations and initiations - it makes people much more careful about delivering clear and unambiguous demands, since they know that if they mess that part up, kills will be declared invalid and harsh bans will follow
  2. Without the punishment, one could technically KoS freely by sacrificing one member who would just get an invalid initiation 2 day ban. For example, have one of your member with relatively clean warning record drop an invalid initiation on the entire town on purpose, have the rest of the group gun down everyone in sight, only the initiator gets punished and rest gets away with free KoS.

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