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WANTED: Volunteers for a new group

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I’m currently in the process of fleshing out the foundations of a intelligence group and need some extra pairs of hands to make it work.

Most characters within the group would fall into ‘Lawful Evil’, although some characters or actions may fall into ‘Lawful Good’. Much of the RP would be based around subterfuge, building of relationships with prominent factions in Chernarus and authentic UK-style military structure; but do not mistake this for an excuse to be a Gear-RPer or initiation hungry. The overall goal of the group is to create a rich storyline (often used for streaming), developed over time with core goals at its heart, that goes beyond the (sometimes, no flame xD) shallow interactions some of us experience. IG events will have a real tangible impact on the group and it’s direction, so expect firefights to be few but arise authentically when they do. All actions undertaken will have as much thought and organisation put into them as every action impacts the group lore.

If you’re interested, or would like to know more about the background and direction of the group, send me a PM.

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Perhaps take a look at the Denigrata thread that i started about 2 months ago.

I'm not interested in helping out but if you want some guidance for what worked on the server previously then take a look.


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From a first skim it does look to have many similarities, but with a different spin on the use of subterfuge.

I wouldn’t say that this group is going to be outwardly hostile per say, and subterfuge with be one tool of many to achieve an end result, so the spin on subterfuge I’ll be going for will be slightly different.

Nevertheless it’s a very useful to help me with the process, so thanks 🙂

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