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Unknown Intentions [Freq 157.2 kHz]

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Lucas takes a knee, slides off his bergan and motions for his radio operator to come over. Taking the aging Russian-made device to his mouth, he begins his transmission.

Hello Lima-Bravo One this is Charlie-Oscar 3. Be advised Bowman is Uniform-Sierra and all future transmissions will be made in clear on the emergency frequency. Break.

He releases the PTT, refers to his map and begins his second transmission.

Charlie-Oscar 3 have arrived at rendevous point ALPHA. Awaiting confirmation from ZERO for ETA of transport. Break.

Releasing the PTT once more, he sighs before relaxing his voice procedure and continuing.

Failing arrival of transport, we will move by Shanks's Pony. Future transmissions will be made at previously agreed time every 72 hours. Out.

He hands back the radio before turning to his bergan and beginning to unpack.

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Lucas grabbed set down his rifle and calls the radio operator to him. Replacing the battery, he raises the radio and presses the PTT.

Hello Lima-Bravo One this is Charlie-Oscar 3. Be advised transmission will be fewer due to lack of battery power.

He looks down to his notes and continues.

Charlie-Oscar 3 making progress on foot. Vehicles not arrived. Progress limited by local CDF presence.

He raises his head to scan his surrounding area.

Expect delayed arrival in South Zagoria. Do not risk exposure before our arrival. Out.

He returns the radio and picks up his rifle, motioning to his men as he does to close in on him for a brief.

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