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Brothers, I'm back [The Kozlov Freq]

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*Benedikt sits in the passenger seat of the car along with Skylar who's driving and picks up his radio and presses the PTT button presses the PTT button*

" Dobry Den Bratri... I'm back.

Myself and Skylar were in Novigrad getting the house in order for when the world goes back to normal.
I got bored and decided to come back down to eradicate the Takistani's and Russians that have infested
out country like the vermin they are. 

I'll see you soon. 

*The radio would fall silent*

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*Ivan would squat as he pondered the mans words*

You call we, the great people and true owners of cherneraus, vermin? It seemed for awhile we got you dirty non-believers out of our beloved part of Russia. That seems to clearly not be the case.

*feeling satisfied with his message, Ivan would take another sip out of his vodka Bottle and continue viewing the beautiful Russian landscape in front of him.*

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Radec speaks up, sounding surprised.


<:: "No way, you're still around, or rather around here again?! Interesting, did you bring the rest?

And to whoever just spo- ah, I'll save the words, in fact. No use.


Welcome back, folks. Might not be Zeleno this time though, aye? Haha!"



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*A surprised Mikhail would hear the message and press the PTT, you can clearly hear he's drunk as fuck*

Braatr where you been ah? Benedikt I haven't seen any of you bratri around for ages, I thought the pinkos or the charcoal people had gotten to you

*You'd hear him taking a swig*

Life's boring lately, ano? I'm camping in the woods by myself like some sort of idiota, because there is price on my head, I can feel it. Trees are the only safe place.

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*Mohammed Takes his radio*

"Welcome back to the Muslim State Of Chernarus"

"I do hope you dont commit haram Infidel"

*Alot of people could be heard screaming ALLAHU AKBAR*

"Be nice to our Takistani Brothers Infidel and make sure to follow the koran"

*He would wait*

"Allahu Akbar"

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