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Robert Faltin

BadRP in Novaya Petrovka -S1 -around 00:00

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A group of the Staff Team have reviewed this report.

We have decided to honor the OPs request and close this report seeing that both parties have agreed on closing this report.

With that being said if this report continued @Robert Faltin you would have been found guilty of Metagaming. You would have been found guilty because you were relaying information to your allies over the radio while your hands were up. I would like to state that if your hands are up or you are restrained than you may not communicate over the radio, this can provide an unfair advantage for your allies. Now @Shroud and his allies would not have been found guilty of BadRP. Throughout the entire situation they were providing RP to everyone who was involved.


Signed by: @lukaszxe & @RandyRP

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