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Holliday to Dom

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*A man with a deep, gravely voice would come over the radio.*

”Hello? Hello? Is this thinga ma-bob working? Mmm.. yes. It speaks. I speak? What was it? I don’t even remember what I was doing.”

*He goes silent for good three minutes or so.*

”oh.. that’s right.. Sexy guitar man..”

*He would pause again.*

”Dominik are you there? It is I, the esteemed Doctor Holliday. I seek you once again young one, for my adventure was long and soul crushing. What is your position so I may update myself.”

*The transmission goes to static.*

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*Dominik sits scanning through various radio frequencies, when suddenly he hears a call for his name, and is instantly confused, he presses the PTT with his monstrously large hands* 

"Uhh...Dominik is at home...Ehm...with Bratir...Why does deep voice man want to see Dominik?"

*Dominik sits and thinks for a minute before continuing*

"Do you want someone to get Squish head? Dominik is not for sale! No thank you! Buh-Bye now!"

*Dominik releases the PTT and puts down the radio, still confused, but proud he will not squish peoples heads just because someone wants him to*

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*Holliday would get back on the radio to respond.*

”You are not Sexy Guitar Man! You lie. Do you wear his face? Perhaps you are a wendingo, trying to steal my voice. I don’t want you fake Dom, I want the real Dom.”

*He would release the PTT.*

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Posted (edited)

*Dominik listens to the radio and quickly responds with very little thought as to what to say*

"No you listen little Wendy-man, face wearing dwarf! I am real Dominik! Biggest Dominik! Chenaruski Dominik!"

*Dominik thinks for a moment, searching for a good insult desperately*

"...And Dominik better at sexy guitar-ing than you anyways!"

*Dominik releases the PTT, proud of his response, unknowing of how much of a fool he sounds*

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