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Server time (UTC): 2019-08-26, 04:19
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S1 Turovo Griefing 4/11/2019 After 8:00 Before 14:50

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Server & Location: S1 Turovo Factory.

Approximate Time: After 8:00 and before 14:50 when I came on the server

In Character Name: Joe Mo

Allies involved: No/Offline

Suspects: Unknown

Vehicles involved: No



So coming onto the server at 14:50, I was going to a base that I and six other people have been working on. I had previously logged in the day before at 8:00 to check on the base and found that all three medium tents, a barrel, and a military tent were all inside. I logged out next to base and logged back in after a good nights sleep. I found that the two front doors of Turovo Factory were deconstructed at the bottom allowing a player to shimmy through. I also found that the tertiary door was also compromised. These three doors were compromised the say way with the bottom half deconstructed allowing a player to shimmy through. I approached the location where the tents and barrel were suppose to be to find much of our stuff tossed on the ground including food for other survivors, our radiators for cars, uniforms, ammunition, and other such supplies.

Missing from the stacks were several light poles, two portable generators, all of our building supplies including hammers; saws; nails, our gardening supplies including shovels; seeds; and fertilizer, medical supplied, and lastly all of our meat. 

Upon cataloging our missing supplies I noticed that the side door wall was also deconstructed and I investigated further and found that all of the walls on the side door were deconstructed to allow a person to shimmy through the bottom. 

The loss of our building supplies means that we are unable to repair the damage done to the base and our ability to RP on the server has also been hampered by the loss of medical supplies, food storage, and any other way we can aid passing by survivors. Our base is completely open without the ability to repair it or store any supplies for survivors.

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Posted (edited)

Zeros POV: Hello, I am the one who RAIDED your base. A few days ago your compatriots took me hostage and took me inside your warehouse. A few days previous we had been raided and while hostage I noticed you had a new military tent after we had been raided. This led me to suspect that you had stolen from my compound. 

Fast forward several days and I log in to find that some vultures came to raid me again, taking everything we owned except three barrels. Now I wouldn’t have been so upset if it was just the tents. But our entire lighting system had been taken as well. Seeing this I suspected the Turovo BANDITS had struck again. Me and a fire team moved there to investigate only to find that the new warehouse compound had now been outfitted with new camo netting, new flood lights, generator (the exact same amount that was stolen), new tents, and new barrels. After investigating it we decided to hit the base to get OUR a property back. 

We decided a tactical entry from two angles was the best way to enter the warehouse, two men on front, two men on the side. After we made entry we went through the stolen tents only to find the exact same items that we had taken from us. Two MP7 mags with exactly 33 bullets in one and 17 in the other. We also found a damaged ammo can that was full of the same ammo ours was. We therefore concluded through reason that these warehouse bandits had raided us. 

We took our things back. That’s all we did. If you don’t want to be raided don’t build near an existing compound and then steal from them. We were a peaceful compound offering supplies to passerby’s. We even gave you that red barrel but you decided to raid us any how. If that’s how you feel about your RP being hampered how do you think we felt? 

With all that being said. We only took what you stole from us. We left behind two tents. Not sure if someone came after us and raided you through your compromised walls. 

All is fair in love & war. 

Edited by Zero

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Considering your conversation with the accused and his reply, would you like for this report to stay open and carry on to its natural conclusion or would you like to close it now ?

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@Zero - Griefing (Not Guilty)


The staff team has deemed this situation not to be griefing since @Zero had IC reasons to take what he took, seeing as he was technically taking back what had been stolen from him in the first place. @Zero appears to also have been careful to only take back what was his and to not damage/steal any other goods in @Joe_Mo 's base.


@Zero - Griefing (Not Guilty) - No action taken.

Signed by: @Pontiff, @Banshee, @RandyRP & @Samti

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