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Posted (edited)

Server and location: S1 NWAF

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11th April 4.30pm gmt

Your in game name: Ryan Sawyer

Names of allies involved: @JoeyS

Joey can tag the other guy do not know his username.

Name of suspect/s: Rustin Jones, 1 other confirmed part of their group, no clue who else was there.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): A car we gave to him, but unrelated.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):  N/A

Detailed description of the events: me joey and Alfie run down crossroads and see 3 guys at vmc, apon being told 2 guys pulled a gun on accused, we chase after these two guys and they initiate on Alfie in VMC prison which led to us killing them after a botched initiation. (These 2 are nothing to do with the report) Rustin appears again calling himself james. We tell him anything here is his and he seems alright. He then goes talking smack bout @JoeyS old character joey which was very Baity, 'he was a faggot' then starting running away... and then we confronted and he said he was joking. All was good and we left. We gave him access to loot from bodies. We got followed by a guy who I had suspicions was a friend of Rustins. We run to north West trying to regroup with 2 fellow members up north, but then Rustin pulls up in the rusty untrusty Off Roader and it flips. We go to SAVE HIS LIFE and then continue to advance RP, Joey revives then we have a little chat. I explain we were getting followed (at this time we had no idea he was with him) then I type '//gives u meds' which exposes my name. He follows up and initiated on 3 guys with only a shotgun only because he saw my name. It made no RP sense after saving his life, giving him equipment, and also giving him the car. And I turn around to get a better spot to shoot and I mistake a shooter for my friend and he lags all over the place as soon as I opened fire. I die, Joey dies. I would like to point out it took about 20 seconds for the other guy to appear. In this time Rustin couldve been gunned down. But he hid. Alfie who was relogging after his gun glitched in his hand, dies apon relogging back in and that could have been avoided. He was out numbered and would have complied. This was kinda cheesy as said by the accused himself over discord. I had given him perms to log due to it being 5am from where we from.

To sum up,

Reporting due to BadRP no sense to this whatsoever.

And Meta, he found out our name and they used it to their advantage to kill us. 

They knew we would not comply to one guy with a shotty. they done this simply for pvp and it feels cheap. I'm not sure how many were there.

Read over 2.3, 3.3, 3.5, 4.5.

Edited by RyanOG

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Hold the report. Don't start working on a verdict as I am speaking with accused tomorrow.

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/close this

@Kai and I had a lengthy chat, I am glad we are able to clear up the issues and also unrelated problems.


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The staff team has reviewed this report and decide to honour OP's wishes. We are glad that you could talk it out, great example of community spirit for us all to look at!

This report will thus be closed.

Signed by @Pontiff + notes.

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