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Server time (UTC): 2019-08-23, 01:30
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S1 - Stary - Trolling / BadRP - 10/04/2019 19:00

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Server and location: S1 - Stary

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/04/2019 - 19:00

Your in game name: Luca Marshall

Names of allies involved: @Watchman @Voodoo @Franny @Derek Steel 

Name of suspect/s: @Steffaaan

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: @Watchman says he met some guy who is being weird and showing him handcuffs. We all go over there and the server restarts. As we get back in we take him hostage and his RP is just straight up trolly. He says racist stuff for seemingly no reason and is constantly talking about his Penis or something. We move him to the barn and his behaviour doesn't change. We provide torture RP and he shows no pain and makes weird fish noises when waterboarded. He keeps saying Ingame "I am glitched" multiple times but we decide not to act on it and hope it's just a mistake, but later on he says "How are you guys talking to eachother but not ingame" through Voip. It's all on Stream.

I'm gonna clip it and have it uploaded to the report soon.

I also wanna point out that his character profile is a complete troll. Just check it.

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Connection logs:

18:18:22 | Player "Luca Marshall" is connected
20:53:01 | Player "Luca Marshall" has been disconnected

18:21:49 | Player "Caleb Marshall" is connected
20:53:03 | Player "Caleb Marshall" has been disconnected

18:34:25 | Player "Stefan Oega" is connected
21:07:13 | Player "Stefan Oega" has been disconnected

18:32:38 | Player "James Carter" is connected 
20:53:05 | Player "James Carter" has been disconnected

17:52:10 | Player "Anastasia Vrubel" is connected
20:48:21 | Player "Anastasia Vrubel" has been disconnected

18:09:01 | Player "Viggo Bjerke" is connected 
20:53:10 | Player "Viggo Bjerke" has been disconnected



Hit logs:

19:00:49 | Player "Stefan Oega" hit by Player "Caleb Marshall" into Head(0) for 26 damage (Bullet_45ACP) with FX-45 from 1.50381 meters 
19:00:49 | Player "Stefan Oega" hit by Player "Caleb Marshall" into Brain(37) for 26 damage (Bullet_45ACP) with FX-45 from 1.50381 meters 
19:00:49 | Player "Stefan Oega" hit by Player "Caleb Marshall" into RightArm(31) for 26 damage (Bullet_45ACP) with FX-45 from 1.50464 meters 
19:00:49 | Player "Stefan Oega" hit by Player "Caleb Marshall" into LeftArm(32) for 26 damage (Bullet_45ACP) with FX-45 from 1.50464 meters 
19:00:49 | Player "Stefan Oega" hit by Player "Caleb Marshall" into Lungs(48) for 26 damage (Bullet_45ACP) with FX-45 from 1.50464 meters 
19:00:49 | Player "Stefan Oega" hit by Player "Caleb Marshall" into Torso(24) for 26 damage (Bullet_45ACP) with FX-45 from 1.50464 meters 
19:00:49 | Player "Stefan Oega" hit by Player "Caleb Marshall" into Heart(44) for 26 damage (Bullet_45ACP) with FX-45 from 1.50464 meters 



Kill logs

19:00:49 | Player "Stefan Oega" killed by Player "Caleb Marshall" with FX-45 from 1.50381 meters 



Calling in:

@Watchman- Caleb Marshall | POSTED

@Voodoo-James Carter | POSTED

@Franny - Anastasia Vrubel | POSTED

@Derek Steel- Viggo Bjerke | POSTED

@Steffaaan- Stefan Oega | POSTED

For their full detailed pov of the situation!

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James Carter - Heard that @Watchman was talking to a guy near stary barns that was holding up handcuffs and was told by watchman something along the lines of this guy wanted to tie him up. We ran over and the server crashed.

On restart we waited for the accused to log in and when he did we initiated and he asked how to put his hands up then says something about being glitched. He then proceeded to say (after seeing female character) something along the lines of he has a huge manhood because of his ethnic background (N word used). We take him to the barns and we are attacked by a group of infected and work to keep the hostage alive from the infected. The guys take him to the barn whilst me @Phoenix and @Derek Steel fight the infected and I have to revive @Derek Steel after he is knocked down.

We then go into the barn and talk to the accused including torture after some of his remarks which he shows no pain because he is a 'strong man' or something along them lines. We then move to give him a radio and @Watchman decides to shoot the radio denying him it. The accused then asks us how we are talking over the radio and not 'ingame' and is killed.

The video shows it all really and all you have to do is look at the character page to see that it has been designed for trolling. Using 9/11 as the birth date, the general backstory and the features which clearly say 'Mimics explosion of planes hitting buildings very well.' 

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Viggo Bjerke - got told @Watchman hade run in to a waird guy thet was running around him with handcuffs and saying som weird things cant remember the exact things @Watchman told us the guy wos saying. afther we get ther he keeps acting waird afther a short time of us getting ther the server goes down when server comes back up we initiate to trye and figure out what he wos planing to do afther a bit of back and forth on the roade and him talking about his manly hood and how big it is for certent reasons we start moving him to the barn a bit safer location almost at the barns we get a bit swarmd by zombie and me @Phoenix and @Voodoo trye to fight them off so the others culd get the guy in the barne for Safety i get knockt out cold in the fight by the zombis and get patched up by the other two well in the barn again the guy keeps on trolling around not taking it serius at all most of the time you can hear him laugh about what hes saying when hes trying to talk during the torture he shows no pain and mostly seemt to ba AFKing afther a bit of us trying to hint to him and ask if it dosent hurt he just starts wiggling side to side and says somthing about i dont show emosion it goes on for a bit and i get tierd of the trolly attitude and decide to go out of the barn and go check the tents well at the tents i hear 2 shoots first one i think is @Watchman shooting the radio the were gona hand him and second one i expect wos the guy 

(i dont know whot more to put but if you need any more parts explaind from my side give me a heads up) 

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seeing @Steffaaan  has been online since being called in, they will be temp-ban until they provide their Pov and given the nature and number of rulebreaks he will remain temp banned until the reports are resolved

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I walk into Stary and notice a guy there, we talk a bit and he says some questionable things such as "I have handcuffs and keys" and "Can i put duct tape on your hands", i tell my friends this over the radio and they come over and after restart (Crash) we initiate on this guy
and move him to a barn nearby, whilst there i give him multiple warnings with his attitude and weird talking, much of his talking included calling us racists etc and mentioning his own skin color dropping N bombs here and there, eventually he calls us racist after i told him not to talk back to us again, i don't use my now gained kill right but eventually he says something about how can we talk on the radio but not in game as well and i was so done with him and simply exercised my kill rights with a multitude of bullets.


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Anastasia Vrubel POV

So me and @Voodoo are at the clinic in stary when we hear that @Watchman met a guy on the road, so we proceed to make our way down there, because apparently that guy is saying some weird shit.

After the server was back up I give @Phoenix my gun and we then initiate on the guy. He continues to act weird and talk about beeing “glitched” while we escort him up to the barns were we run into a little trouble with infected. While the others fend of the infected I walk the guy into the barn and patch him up because he got hit by some of the Infected, while he says stuff like “His asshole is bleeding” (not sure if that can also be heard in @Phoenix video).

Once everyone is in the barn we proceed to torture the guy, @Watchman waterboarding him to which he reacts with weird Fish noises and @Phoenix dislocating his kneecap, to which he doesn't react at all at first. Thinking he might have not been reading the text chat I point out in voip that maybe @Phoenix needs to dislocate his other kneecap too - still no reaction. When she asks him if his knee hurts at all he says “yes” but also something along the lines of “beeing a strong man and not showing his feelings”

After he wants to talk on the radio and @Watchman shoots it, he starts to talk say something about talking ingame. Since we told him several times to stop doing that weird shit he got shot.

It's basically all in the video. If I missed something it'll be there since I basically was with @Phoenix who did the recording the whole time.

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Hello, everyone! Very glad to be here right now so that I will be able to do my story as well.


I was walking through Stary and I met Caleb, he was a really nice guy and I tried to communicate with him but he wasn't able to understand me because I had something covering my mouth. I took it off and asked how he was doing and I really felt the need to show me having an awesome set of handcuffs and keys (I've never had this set before and I was really happy) I asked if I could try these out on him and I would've definitely released him after this. He didn't respond (Likely because he was roleplaying and still acted like he couldn't hear me very well) Then I showed him some duct tape and asked if I could put this on him as well, I thought that would be a better solution because he could wiggle himself out of this. He said something similair like: ''No, if you do that you'll be in big trouble'' so I tried to continue with my roleplaying life and leave them behind. Suddenly a woman emerged and asked for a weapon because she got robbed and I even offered her a weapon. Then suddenly the server restarted so I tried to get back on the server as fast as possible because I was in a roleplay scenario and I take these very serious. But then suddenly the angel became some kind of devil and started robbing me, so I complied to everything they said and feared for my whole life this entire situation as you can see in the Twitch clip. I've told multiple times that I'm mentally ill but they didn't seem to care at all. I'm still very sad about losing this pair and I would like to get them returned. When I said I was glitched I couldn't see any handcuffs whilst looking down, and I kept walking on normal pace but I kept getting teleported back. They also made fun of my drinking sound and I laughed with them, very sad situation.

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16 hours ago, Steffaaan said:

I'm still very sad about losing this pair and I would like to get them returned.

You don't just get your stuff returned after you've been robbed / shot. It doesn't quite work this way.

We executed you because you kept on talking OOC in VOIP which is absolutely unacceptable in our community. Could you please explain why you felt the need to tell us you're "glitched" and other stuff OOC through VOIP ingame? I'd really love to know.

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I wasn't necessarily OOC when I said that I was glitched. Glitched is another word for faulty equipment, meaning the rope used was faulty because I couldn't see it and I was walking in normal pace while getting teleported. I told this information because I expected it to get solved some how because it ruined my roleplay experience. It's the same as crashing Ingame, the roleplay should be put on a timeout until everyone is reconnected and then continue the roleplay. Using the term "Ingame" was OOC indeed, I should have never said that but mistakes like these can happen in stressful situations and I immediately got punished for it. I would say that is enough, but when I say something is glitched that should be possible. 

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Just a quick question: How did Caleb notify you without speaking Ingame? Is it possible to change voice to Radio Transmitter only? If so, I was unaware. 

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Very well, the staff team have reviewed this report and come to a conclusion. @Steffaaan is called out by @Watchman for acting strangely, so the others gather on him. After procurring a weapon @Phoenix initiates on him along with other members of gen zero. From there things get very bad very quick. Throughout the encounter you are seen acting in an immature and trollish manner, as well as breaking the OOC rule several times, referring to things such as being glitched and people being ingame. Furthermore while we do tolerate racism, the manner in which you conducted yourself was not that of a racist, but simply being trollish. This behavior continues while you are being waterboarded, and is frankly just deplorable. Due to the severity of your rulebreaks your whitelist will be recinded, and you will have to redo it if you wish to continue to play here further.


@Steffaaan - Trolling/BadRP - Guilty. 7 Days and 15 points. Whitelist revoked.



Solved by @Zanaan with notes.

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