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To Mr Sebastian

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*Sylvie Frowns as she picks up her radio, after seeing the old mans beheaded body afew hours early and being stressed out most of the day, the feeling for the need of 'comfort' only got stronger. She holds down the PTT, speaking in CHERNARUSSIAN, in a rather timid and nervous voice* 

''U-um.. h-hello Mr Sebastian? I um.. Its Sylvie.. you um.. told me to call you if i needed more stuff.. a-and i was um.. hoping i could get more?.. I dont have much to pay with though..'' 

*She lets out a very shaky sigh before taking a moment to try relax again* 

''A-anyways i um.. hope to hear from you soon... bye..'' 

*She clips her new radio onto the waistband of her tracksuit pants then goes back out to find Khandra* 


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*Seb picks up his radio*

"Altar radio. Hang around, we'll be waiting."

*Seb smashes his radio off of Nivek's head, breaking it entirely.*

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