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This Reporter's Power Hour (Open Frequency)

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*Milo leans against the railing of the Stary Sobor industrial barn pulling out a can of tuna and a radio from him press vest. Pressing down on the PTT he begins in bits of French before starting again in English voice* 

"Hello world how is everyone this fine day." 

*He pulls back his the radio from his face in realization that he's being pretty rude right about now. Bringing it back up to his face with a cheerful smile*

"Sorry, sorry I'd forgotten my manners, I should introduce myself before anything else. it's your friendly neighborhood reporter Milo Broussard at your service. And by service I mean telling you the news wherever and whenever I can get my hands on it"  

 *Turning to look at his side he sees his friends sleeping soundly on platforms as zombs are heard in the distance*

"But enough about me how is everyone? A good informational Power Hour would be good for everyone don't ya think?"

*Releasing the PTT Milo sits back down on the platform eagerly awaiting the responses he'd get* 

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