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Cant play on the server because of character

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My character is public on my account, I have put the name in the launcher as well. problem was i kept spawning as a random female character rather then my own. Even tried to change her name to my characters to stay on the server and i keep getting kicked. no idea what to do next  

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To get the character model you want you will need to follow these steps:

  • - First you need to join the server through the launcher.
  • - Then kill your character in game.
  • - You then have to press EXIT (DON'T PRESS RESPAWN) and go back to the main menu of DayZ, never close down the game.
  • - While in the main menu, you then need to set your character.
  • -After that you join the server through the in game browser that is in DayZ.

Then to set your character name open the DayZ launcher and then go to parameters. Once in the parameters make sure the profile name is checked and it says the same name as your character name. This will set your character name in-game.


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