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Seth Sanders

I got wrongfully banned

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: I did nothing wrong doesn't state in rules that i cannot raid a base that i see so i raided green mountain fair and square with a crowbar and i used a shovel to dig up their stuff to see what that had in store for me too snag i didn't know these people prior and wasn't associated with them prior just passing through and got what i could. out if character, nobody was online in the base to my knowledge when i did this, in character, they were asleep. i didn't break any rules. oh and i didnt take his AK 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: i read the report and the other guy said people saw me leave and didnt have a bag on which in fact i did as long as a gun which was the awm i took from them. and i did this before the restart so time is off. and my login time was before that guys and i clearly did it before he was on.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get my ban lifted because i did nothing against the rules. nobody was there to rp with so once i was done i continued my adventures.

What could you have done better?: Nothing as i didnt break any rules you guys have timing wrong i did nothing against any rules please fix not happy about this. 

all the logs support my POV 


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Greetings @Seth Sanders, you are mistaken in thinking you were banned as punishment for the report. You were called in for a PoV, and upon failing to provide it, were temp banned until a PoV was provided by you. Now that we have your PoV your temp ban will be lifted, but keep an eye on this appeal for any further questions we may have lest you become temp banned again. 


In the realm of questions do you have any video evidence from this raid?

Also did you dump the rest of the items out of the bags?

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no i dont have a video and yea i did dump the loot but in character i was sorting through the loot and was in a hurry so i left the supplies on the ground so i can get out and i still dont see anything that says i cant do exactly what i did unless i read over it 

And in my opinion they're just sad i got into their base i broke zero rules to my understanding 

i double checked and read over it, so im not aloud to raid bases at all, and take their loot. 

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Greetings @Seth Sanders, the staff team have reviewed the evidence and come to a conclusion. In the report linked in your OP you broke into the base and dug up the stashes. While stealing from people's stashes isn't inherently griefing in of itself, the dumping of all the remaining items on the ground is, as it causes the items to despawn. Furthermore we see no valid in character reason why you needed to dump all three bags' contents on the ground. As such you will receive the standard punishment for griefing. Furthermore since the punishment for griefing is a 7 day ban and you've been in the community for less than a month, your whitelist will be revoked, and you will need to rewhitelist if you wish to play with us further.


@Seth Sanders - Griefing: Guilty - 7 days and 10 points: Whitelist revoked 



Signed by @Zanaan with notes.

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