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The Company [Recruitment: Semi Active]

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The Company came into existence Early 2019, almost a year and half after the initial outbreak.
A Rouge group destined to survive. Among all the chaos a small group found itself together in the town of Zelenogorsk defending off a horde. I cold night pent up in a abandoned house got the group talking. Most being ex-military the idea to secure and aid those in need of shelter and protection, those less fortunate and lacking in knowledge of basic survival came to be.

We have setup a undisclosed base camp and within the next year we aim to aid those lost and alone among this chaos. Teaching the needed skills in navigating the infected land safely, base medical and survival. We are on a hunt for survivors in need.



- Server rules comes first and all members of The Company is to follow the rules of the server! 

- All members must follow The Company's direct order. The orders are given strictly to the task force leader. 

- Members of The Company's task force is to help and aid any survivals at any moment and not to ignore anyone.


Day 638 to 640
Move current camp to a more remote location.

Day 640 to 652
Increase camp size and setup needed fortifications. Find a Doctor to aid and treating wounded.

Day 652 to 685
Setup field hospital to facilitate in treating wounded / ill.  Scan for possible “infections” in survivors. Setup a quarantine.

Overall all goal! 
Look for and aid survivors. Educate in base self-treatment and survival. Create a sanctuary or “safe haven” for those in need.




Adam Cadias

Role : Leader - Mentally a bit unstable. But he mentioned it first and seems to know what he is doing. We follow him and trust him though it does come at some hazards. He leads us, he does not speak for us.

Hennie Louw 
Role : Mechanic. With previous experience working on small aircraft came to be a valued member in the group to service cars and with previous engineering knowledge is a great aid to constructing fortifications.

Dmitry Medvedev
Role : Sniper. Claims to be a crack shot so we gave him the rifle and the scope. Hardly see him around and is always running off somewhere in the bushes. Thinking we should nickname him “Vanish”.

Julius Olsson
Role : Historian - THe guy that keeps us sane around a campfire with tales of the past.

Rallico Callaghan
Role : Electrician, Guard. Odd-ball but a good guy. He makes sure our lights stay on if someone does not break the generator again.

Jack Wilson
Role : Survivor - Jack being a businessman wandering around looking lost and clueless at best. Currently he is pack-mule for the camp.



Combined depending on the members back-story and RP / survival encounters.


**The Idea behind the group is for a ongoing struggle and a more realistic immersive environment to happenings. Details, experiences and accomplishments as the group develops. Aiming for a lore development post-breakout instead of the standard research / kill or be killed scenarios. The intention of the group is to start of Naturally Good and develop it in a RP manner according to various encounters and RP situations.

Edited by Cadias
Goal days update, some typos fixed

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Some typos throughout the post to work on, and make sure cities names are spelled right.


Your goals should be using the current DayZRP timeline to establish goals (Its day 638 since outbreak, for example).


You want to flesh out what makes your group you. There are plenty of lone survivor groups getting by, but what prompted the Company to be the Company? What is the spark that makes them stand out from the crowd of others?

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Hi. Gamemaster Phoenix here.

  • The Lore doesn't really tell us much about this group and why they want to scan people for the infection and set up a quarantine.
  • You also need more SMART Goals as your goals right now are a little lacking content and are very basic.
  • A lot of Typo's here and there that needs to be worked on.
  • You may want to consider some graphics for the group as well. I suggest taking a look at other group's and how they manage their graphics & headers.

Good Luck.

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@Rover Thanks for pointing out flaws and holes in the group. Ill make sure to update it ASAP! 

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Met you boys in game not too long ago and had a great time. Thanks for the help clearing out those infected folks in the baseball field!
Good luck with your group and I hope to meet y'all in game soon again.


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Best of luck!

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Greetings @Cadias, 3 of your 6 listed members haven't played in over a week. As a result I will give you 48 hours to bring your total up to a minimum of 5 active players before archiving the group as inactive. 

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Hi @Cadias

This group needs a lot of work before it can proceed.
You made this Idea on April 9th. The thread is more of a work in progress. The graphics, yet not required, are very bare and the entire idea seems to be thrown together quickly. 
I left you feedback about it that you didn't seemed to have taken to heart.

It also seems that a lot of your members aren't as active as we wish them to be.

Feel free to post this group idea back up once you've worked over the thread and have better activity from your members. 

PM a Mod or higher if you want to unarchive it in the future.

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