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Medical Assistance Required (Open Freq)

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*Hunter would sit down by the broken down cars as he held his bloody arm tightly, his sleeve was ripped to shreds as his gas mask was cracked and the side of his face was bloody. He would press the PTT as he began to cough but talk very weak with his Ukrainian Accent*

"He..Hello?..This is Hunter...Moroz...I need medical assistance...up north at Tisy...by all the broken down cars...having a pack of wolves...then a bunch of bandits beat you up to shit...is not fun..."

*Hunter would suddenly stop talking as the PTT was let go*

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*Doc hears a familiar voice and picks up the radio*

hunter? its doc you okay you still need help?

*doc puts the radio in his vest and grabs his med bag to start making his way north*

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*Hunter would sit down and hit the PTT*

"Blueberry?...yeah I'm fine...I'm at this camp ran by doctors.."

*Hunter would turn off his radio*

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