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Komarovo Industrial is ours

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*Dr Puncture Smith picks up his radio holds down the PTT*

"This is Dr Puncture Smith with the 4 corner hustlers, We have taken Komarovo Industrial from Potious Craas who have been stealing blood from the people of chernarus. We will be reforming this place  into a trading post.

*Dr Puncture Smith sets down his radio and picks up his fal*

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Uncle Cee grabs his radio and replies

"Hooo Gawddd damn yeah we done taken this thang. I done tried negotiating witchy'all befo' an y'all didn't seem too interested witch yo vampire selves, so how's about now?"

He rubs his blown out knees from jumping away from the danger on the roof before continuing

"Anyhow, how's about we start trying to make negotiations n' peace n' shit now. Because we don' wanna be fightin' y'all forevuh now."

He stops and awaits a reply

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Marquise would reach over to his own radio, pressing the PTT

"We had some hostilities, but the area is safe, anyone is free to come down to the compound and visit with us. We are open to negotiations of peace, and protection, as well as trade deals."

He released the PTT

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