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Help me... Please [Open Frequency]

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*A Chernarussian child's voice would be heard over the radio, as Benny presses the PTT Button*

" Hello? Is anyone there? My Matka and Otec have just been killed by the monsters and I've got 
no where to go... Is there a safe place anywhere? Please? I won't be able to survive on 
my own. " 

*The radio would fall silent, as Benny gives the child a box of 7.62 and tells him to be on his way*

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*hears the message, and presses his radio's PTT*


"Where abouts are you located? We can find you a safe place if we know where you are at. We can send someone to get you and bring you somewhere safe."


*releases the PTT*

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*Noah hears the radio brodcast and immedetly ubclips his radio from his belt and slams on the PTT quickly.*

"This is Noah McKaine, I'm currently running a medical camp up north. Contact us on freq 99.9 if you want to set something up. We have doctors who can heal you if you were hurt. We also have plenty of people coming and going including hunters and soldiers who can teach you any skills you need. Again the Freq is 99.9. We're here for a job kid, and we are gonna get it done."


*Noah lets go of the PTT, walking down the walls inspecting the bullet holes.* 

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*Benny picks up his radio and presses the PTT Button. The accent would be a thick accent from the North of England.*

" Hey uh... This is Ben Collins. Uh fucking hell uh..

There's a kid here that's passed out, he ain't looking to good.
Oh fuck... What the fuck am I meant to do? Oh shit. 
I mean, he's breathing and has a pulse but... Oh fucking hell.

Noah, you said you were a medic? Give me some CPR advice or something,

I don't wanna have to put this kid down if he's dead, it would break me. "

*The radio would fall silent, As Ben Collins sits in his home. Wondering how he's going to keep this lie going*

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* Heinrich immediately begins to transmit. *

" This is Captain Heinrich, Alpha Company to Ben Collins. Calm down my friend, you must remain calm. You stated the child is breathing and has a pulse. The child may be dehydrated or malnourished. What is your location? I will dispatch a team to you immediately. "

* The Captain can be heard yelling orders. *

" Sergeant I want a quick response team now! Medical, weapons and ammo only! Prepare to move on my orders! "

* The transmission ends, as the Captain loads and shoulders his weapon. Dropping his backpack to the ground and verifying his medical supplies are full. *


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Hope responds immediately to the distress call, hearing half of it.

"Ben, I need a location now.
Listen to my instructions:

Kneel on the floor to one side of the person.
Place the child's arm that is nearest to you at a right angle to their body, so that it is bent at the elbow with the hand pointing upwards... This will keep it out of the way when you roll them over.
Gently pick up their other hand with your palm against theirs, palm to palm.
Place the back of their hand onto their opposite cheek. For example, against their left cheek if it is their right hand. Keep your hand there to guide and support their head as you roll them.
 Use your other arm to reach across to the child's knee that is furthest from you, and pull it up so that their leg is bent and their foot is flat on the floor.
Gently pull their knee towards you so that they roll over onto their side, facing you. Their body weight should help them to roll over quite easily.
Move the bent leg that is nearest to you, in front of their body so that it is resting on the floor. This position will help to balance them.
Gently raise their chin to tilt their head back slightly, as this will open up their airway and help them to breathe. Check that nothing is blocking their airway. If there is an obstruction, such as food in their mouth, remove this if you can do so safely. Stay with them, giving reassurance and please do not panic.

I will be there as soon as possible..."

The radio cuts off waiting for a response from the man.

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*Benny picks up his radio and presses the PTT Button*

" I took the kid to a safe home not too far from where I found him,

He seems to be getting better. I'll bring him to you at some point when he can walk.

Speak soon.

*The radio falls silent*

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