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Survivors of Chernarus

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* The Captain looks over his men, the collected Allied Forces, and numerous civilians. He smiles for the first time since the outbreak. He reaches for his vest and pulls the radio from it, pushing the PTT and begins to transmit. *

" Survivors of Chernarus, this is Captain Heinrich with Alpha Company 3-34. We have all faced struggles, challenges and hard times together, but these offer us much more value than any other time in our lives. We can not grow without struggle. We can not become stronger without resistance."

* The Captain walks through a group of survivors cooking, holding conversations, and laughing. He holds the radio up to his mouth again. *

" I ask you all to think about a time in your life that you perceived was too hard, but it forced you to become better. We must be grateful for the struggles and work on ourselves to ensure our future has much more pleasure than pain. "

* He begins to walk up the tower stairs and lights a cigarette, he reaches the top and places his hand on the shoulder of a Corporal on watch. Joining the soldier's observation of the area, he continues. *

" Imagine if we got what we wanted, every time. No struggles. No hard work. No challenges. "

* He takes a puff of his cigarette and looks at the Corporal, the Corporal looks back and grins but the Captain shakes his head in disagreement. *

" We would be weak! And then, if something hard came up in our lives, we wouldn’t know how to handle it, because we had never gone through anything that strengthens us. Pain is our friend. Maybe not in the moment. But for the evolution of or souls and for the long term benefit of us being stronger human beings. If we didn’t have failures. If we didn’t have struggles. If we didn’t have disappointment, we could have no strength, no courage, no compassion. How could we? Those qualities are made from our pain and struggles. "

* He sits down in the tower, overlooking everyone below as the sun begins to set. He motions for a Private below to join the Corporal on watch, leaning his weapon against a support beam as he continues. *

" We were given pain because we are strong enough to handle it. We were given this life because we are strong enough to live it. Because we are strong enough to drive though it. To thrive through it. To inspire others through it. "

* He flicks away his cigarette and watches as the breeze carries it through the sky, just as nightfall comes. *

" Others will look to us and say. He did it, she did it, they did it, I have the strength to do it to. We are stronger than we think. We have survived all our challenges to this point. And we will survive whatever is coming. But next time a struggle comes we will not curse the skies. We will know that it was sent for a reason and a lesson. It might be to make us stronger, it might be to teach us patience, it might be for us to show others our spirit, there is a reason. So don’t give up. We have a purpose in this world. And we will only find it if we keep going, keep growing, and keep surviving.

" Stay safe, remain vigilant. Captain Heinrich Alpha Company 3-34 out. "

* The Captain stands up, slides his radio back into his vest, and picks up his weapon. He waves to the two soldiers on watch, walking down the stairs and into the night. *



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Posted (edited)

*Victor presses down the PTT*

Listen, Mr. Alpha Bravo Tango Terminator, I got two words for you. Fuck off. 

Let me give you your version of being strong. You execute the weak. Hell, you execute everyone you can because you're bloodthirsty. Simple as. I've seen how you operate, and for the military, you're lacking.

"We've all faced struggles", you say. I know you haven't. Cowering behind the walls of whatever settlement you have, yeah, fuck you.

This speech, whatever it is... it's all fibs. You don't like giving people a second chance, and I know that first hand. 

Remember Jacob Melrose? How you wanted to execute him instead of giving him a free trial? Yeah, that's what I thought.

You guys don't know shit about struggle, strength, integrity or how to even shoot a gun.

Fucking soldiers.

*He releases the PTT and goes back to sleep, annoyed of being awoken by a military wannabe.*


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* The Captain chuckles as he pulls the radio from his vest. He begins to transmit *

" Haha, interesting choice of insults today and very much expected. I see you all are still working with negative propaganda to win this fight. Thankfully for us and many others, our actions speak louder then any bullshit you can put out over the airwaves. Judging from your recent case of diarrhea of the mouth, you don't know the first thing about Alpha Company or what we and our Allies are doing for the survivors here. 

* He looks towards two soldiers shaking their heads with smirks on their faces, withholding the laughter within. *

" Instead of ruining what little you have left in this world, why don't you pull your head out of your ass so you can see the big picture. Unless it is wedged in there pretty deep, I can redirect some medical personnel to assist you with that. Now that I think about it, your voice sounds pretty familiar. I believe I will review some recorded transmissions from the past. I'll be back with you soon old friend. "

* He  slides the radio back into his vest, laughing under his breath as he pulls up old transmission recordings. *



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Victor laughs, almost maniacally. He calms down and presses down the PTT.

Man, I'll tell you this now. I know what I need to know about Alpha Company. The fact that you wanted to execute someone, the fact that you discharge your own men for very minor things.

Victor has a flashback, and states.

Hell, did you discharge a Private Kingsbury yet? I'd like to inform you that when I left, he came with. Said he wanted to have fun, was doing drugs - and was on the verge of leaving himself. 

He grins.

How's Albion? How's the so-called outposts at Pavlovo and whatever the other one was? Let me tell you something right now, I'm not ruining what I have left. I'm embracing it. If anything, you should get a doctor to perform a prostate exam on you, I'm sure all of your men and even yourself are in it. I'd be happy to see you again, John.

Mockingly, he says

This is Juliet Alpha Charlie Kilo, over and out.


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