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Server time (UTC): 2019-08-18, 16:15
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S1 | Green Mountain | Griefing

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Server and location: S1, Green Mountain

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Only became aware of the circumstances around 2019-04-07, 18:45 .

Your in game name: Trent Jaegar

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 



Detailed description of the events: I logged in, did roleplay for about 30 minutes, server restarted. I came back 10 minutes after restart, walked around the compound for holes in the fences (which there were) and noticed our stashes' items were completely dumped out to despawn.

May be irrelevant, but I also, noticed an AK was stolen after the restart, from the bag I normally log out with. The guards spotted a freshspawn hopping out of the compound from one of the watchtower, but didn't have a gun,  or vest/bag to conceal. This freshspawn was the guy I had just handcuffed and kicked out earlier for lying to us, and had no purpose to be trading as he had nothing. Reason I bring this up is I am concerned someone may have logged out in the storage room, and logged back out after stealing, as the guards never spotted anyone.

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It was requested I put up a POV, as I can give a rough timeline.


There were three stashes behind a building, and when I woke up this morning and logged in  (9:00 or 10:00ish server time? Logs should show my first login) the stashes were still beneath the ground and buried, with nothing wrong. I didn't notice any walls being taken down at that point in time. I logged off and later on in the day I logged back in to find that the stashes were all unburied.


Hopefully that helps to narrow down the search range to the last 8 hours or so.

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Connection Logs

17:50:38 | Player "Trent Jaegar" is connected 
18:23:00 | Player "Trent Jaegar" has been disconnected
18:33:04 | Player "Trent Jaegar" is connected 
18:37:43 | Player "Trent Jaegar" has been disconnected
18:39:19 | Player "Trent Jaegar" is connected
18:46:51 | Player "Trent Jaegar" has been disconnected

16:39:05 | Player "Seth Sanders" is connected 
18:17:54 | Player "Seth Sanders" has been disconnected

Base-building Logs

17:03:20 | Player "Seth Sanders" (pos=<3715.0, 5938.6, 401.6>) dismantled Fence with Crowbar
17:19:26 | Player "Seth Sanders" (pos=<3710.1, 6005.7, 402.0>) dismantled Fence with Crowbar
17:22:38 | Player "Seth Sanders" (pos=<3722.4, 6004.6, 401.7>) dismantled Fence with Crowbar

Chat Logs

18:15:27 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": //mind typing it in chat?
18:16:10 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": //sure
18:18:07 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": //put 'em on
18:18:18 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": *pats you down*
18:18:40 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": //im aware, just bringing him to gate
18:19:40 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": //wiggle out, keys kill for some reason
18:19:46 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": *unrestrains you*
18:35:47 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": //logged in, grabbed my ak, and log out?
18:36:12 | Chat("Trent Jaegar": //ill put up a report then, see what comes up

Calling in: @Seth Sanders

for their full and detailed PoV. Please provide any unedited evidence you might have as well as a list of all your allies involved in that situation, should it apply.

@Seth Sanders |

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Seeing as @Seth Sanders has been online since being called in, they will be temp-ban until they provide their PoV.

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Seeing as @Seth Sanders hasn't provided his POV after 24 hours of being temp banned. The Staff Team have decided to close this report. @Seth Sanders will have to appeal this in the appeal section of the forums. From there we will continue the report.


Signed by: @Zanaan, & Myself, w/ Notes

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