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Dredgens: Group Profiles

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1 hour ago, Squillium said:

The following is a list of all organizations and groups that have made contact with Dredgen Members, as well as myself. This physical copy is seldom carried around on a day-to-day basis.

//None of this information can be obtained IC without explicit permission of myself (Or whoever wrote an individual article)

Group #1: Galápagos

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Group Name: Galápagos

Leader: Dr. Hope "Piccadilly" Pisces @Mademoiselle

Threat Level: Minimal

Description: Galápagos is a medical group situated, as of right now, in a northern camp they have turned into a medical facility. According to their leader, and everyone I've talked to, they seem to be more than willing to help anyone that needs medical treatment, and are completely selfless in their intentions. Despite all they're trying to do, they keep getting hindered in their efforts due to various groups that don't seem to leave them alone. I witnessed this first hand at another medical camp they had set up near Berenzino, where a gunfight broke out between warring groups that lead to the eventual permanent evacuation of said camp. A group in particular that is giving them trouble appears to be the gang of Mexicans calling themselves "24th Boulevard", which is probably the next group I'll cover. Dr. Pisces is trying her best but it seems that things are being stacked against her. Because of this I've instructed Dredgen members to give any medical supplies to her camp as much as possible, as helping her and her doctors in any way appears to be one of the better ways to help the country as a whole. 

Containment: While this is pretty much irrelevant for this group given our current relationship, might as well be thorough. Should Galápagos turn on us, more than likely simply selling us out to a large group in some kind of agreement, taking them out wouldn't be too much of a hassle. Based on my observations, none of them, including their "security" know how to defend anything. Along with this everyone involved seems to live and die by their leader, Dr. Pisces, and simply taking her out of the equation would essentially destroy the group as a whole, or at least start the process. Again, these are essentially our only friends, and fighting doctors isn't exactly in the spirit of what we do.



Ngl, this is a pretty cool concept. 

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Awesome, great idea!  

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Really nice job here @Squillium ❤️ Honoured my group is the first to be documentation.

But all the low digs *sobs* Like Hope would backstab anyone, psh

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3 hours ago, Pep said:

Thats a nice idea yung squill 

dont lie

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Posted (edited)

A note scribbled in Rose’s journal -

Miller’s Galapagos assessment is almost spot on with one exception, containment:  Dr. Hope’s people are exceptionally loyal both to her and to her mission.  At times, in my mind, her people walk that fine line between devotion and fanaticism.  And that’s where Miller gets it wrong, there would be nothing simple about taking Dr. Hope out of the equation.  Her people would fight to save her until the bitter end.  And, conversely, Dr. Hope would sacrifice herself to save her people.

I don’t believe Dr. Hope would sell out the Dredgens *heavily scribbled out until it is unreadable* unless it was the only option remaining to save her people.  Even then, I doubt she would do it.  One of her loyal followers, though, believing it was an acceptable sacrifice for the greater good, might.  And there lies the real threat. 

Squilly. I love what you are doing here.  Sure hope you don’t mind the notes in Rose’s journal.  She promises to keep the journal well hidden.

Edited by Mia

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Posted (edited)

Group #2: 24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria


Group Name: 24th Boulevard/Vatos/Mexicans

Leader: Unkown (Name Hector Garcia brought up as high ranking member)

Threat Level: High

Description: 24th Boulevard is, as far as I've been able to tell, a group of Hispanic gangsters with some ties to the country of Armenia. The fact that they're somehow in Chernarus is the end of a long list of shit that doesn't make sense, but that's not really important at the end of the day. The only member name I know was brought up in a situation unrelated to them, where a certain Magnus gave me the name "Hector Garcia" and stated he had some kind of high rank in the organization. Currently, it appears most of their efforts involve acquiring drugs, as Dredgen members, myself included have been threatened and harassed multiple times to deliver them any form of mind altering substances we find. Along with this they recently have started building a base of operations at Green Mountain, and an investigation by Rose has confirmed my fear that they still expect a "delivery" from me. In my first experience with 24th Boulevard members I was hiding a stash up North with other Dredgen members when 3 Hispanic individuals approached. After one threatened me and was promptly shot a situation evolved where they demanded I bring them a shipment of drugs, to which I of course agreed in the interest of self preservation. As stated in my last report they have also been harassing Galápagos, something I unfortunately witnessed first hand. After seeing them fight at the Berenzino Summer Camp incident against Revenant members, it is evident they are very experienced in open armed conflict, an unfortunate fact many of the Revenant's members found out first hand.

Containment: Unfortunately any current attempts to destroy 24th Boulevard would more than likely end in failure. In my mind they are currently a big fish in a small pond, and the only real way to combat them is to wait for a bigger fish to come along. Despite this I've made attempts to aid groups such as the Revenants in any way possible, as my actions at Berenzino Summer Camp during their skirmish show. If the Revenants or an equally strong group with just intentions are able to pose a serious threat to 24th Boulevard all actions should be taken to assist them. As far as current procedure, I've told any and all Dredgen members to avoid Green Mountain at all costs, and if any 24th Boulevard members should be run into in our travels the group as a whole should be notified, as well as the Revenants. No one under any circumstances are to give these idiots any drugs unless in immediate danger with no other option, and any drugs Dredgen members find should be taken to the Galápagos camp instead.


Edited by Squillium

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