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Server time: 2019-04-26, 16:49
Scott Fynch

Racist RP in Zelenogorsk Military

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Server and location: Zelenogorsk right on the road by the mili base.

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Think it would have been around 2-3am server 4/6/2019

Your in game name: Cass Truman

Names of allies involved: Not sure?

Name of suspect/s: Also not sure. (Sorry this isn't helpful)

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: This guy told me earlier that my voice didn't match my skin. Not the biggest deal whatever, my guy is supposed to be white but i dont have control of my player model apparently... Any, later the same dude was talking to some dude and straight up spit out the hard R right infront of me lol. Last I checked racism to this extent isnt allowed.

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Due to logs not providing enough information to call anyone in. we will leave this report open for 24 hours before closing it UNLESS somebody comes forward or can provide evidence that could provide the identity of the accused.

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Hi @Scott Fynch

We do not punish for Racist RP unless it is completely straight up BadRP, in which case it will fall under the BadRP Rule. Racist and Fascist groups have been allowed in the past as well. Furthermore, as Samti already mentioned, we do not have any logs that we can go off.

That being said, how would you like to proceed with this report?

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Very well the staff team will honor your request to close this report. Just be mindful that we do not prohibit racist RP so long as it is not done in a trolly manner. Furthermore, given your consent of funding a reason to kill him, if you do pursue the individual be mindful to do so within the rules lest you yourself get reported. His racist vocabulary for example does not grant you execution rights if you do happen to take him hostage. 


But that being said...



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