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Server time: 2019-04-24, 21:00
Rick robinson

S1 North West Air field BadRP

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Server and location: S1, North West Airfield 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:20 - 20: 30 04/06/2019

Your in game name: Rick Robinson

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video

Detailed description of the events: I was at north west looking for a gun to protect myself when i came across some men, I approached the men to speak with them and see what was going on until I went inside a building with them. Very little talking is done as shown in the video but then they pulled a gun on me and started putting rope around my hands. At this point I knew what was going on but I feel it just was bad RP all around 



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Due to us being unable to find any logs to help us identify those in the video, we cannot call in anybody to post their POV's. We will leave the report open for 24 hours in case anybody comes forward, after which we will have to close the report.

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Due to no one coming forward to own up to their mistakes and the staff team having no logs for this we will have to close this report. 

Were sorry for anyone effected by this. 


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