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Avicii's new Album (6th June 2019)

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Something about post mortum albums being used to make bread is unsettling me

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2 hours ago, California said:

Something about post mortum albums being used to make bread is unsettling me

I agree unless significant work was completed on the album or there is clear purpose and good intentions behind it's release.

For instance Lil Peep's 'Come Over When You're Sober Pt.2' had significant work done on it already and was worked on and finalized by producers and people that were close to him. It ended up being a good album that I could get behind too since it wasn't made specifically for and by some corporate people in an office room trying to squeeze all the money they could out of an artist that they had signed that passed prematurely.

On the other end of the spectrum you have XXXTentacion's 'Skins' which I found as an X fan to be pretty disappointing not only in sound but also in spirit and length. It was clear that most of the stuff used on that album was either super incomplete, B sides, or songs that he had probably scrapped altogether. It was almost certainly put out there and thrown together by label people who just wanted a return on investment on their artist that passed away. Granted most of the merch proceeds from that album and subsequent merch drops of X's went to his mother and girlfriend/son so, not all bad. 

This has me wondering since this album is being released a year after his passing, several years after his last album, so it could go either way. It could just be something the label managed to throw together that took a while to complete, or it's something that people who actually were around him and cared for the final product to be good and meaningful and thus spent a lot of time fine tuning the album. I was never a follower of Avicii so I couldn't tell you which one it probably is. 

Either way i'll give the album a listen and I imagine his fans can probably tell which one it is. Judging from the video here it seems like he completed a lot of work on it so i'm optimistic that it's the first option, and that the album wasn't made with sole money making for the label intent. 

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4 hours ago, Jasper said:

-snip snap-

I agree with like all your points, except I think X's Mum pushed for the money somewhat as well which was really off-putting. She pushed a lot of the early merch too for exorbitant prices.

BUT Come over when you're sober pt.2 was released also like a year or so after Peep died so at the same time you gotta think it might be okay for avicii?

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