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Gravely Injured in the North

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*Your Radio Crackles to Life*

"Hello.. I need.. Help. My name is Kennedy and I'm injured up north. I'm gravely injured and could really use.. Some help. If anyone is there.. Please respond and I'll revel my location.." 

*The Radio goes silent from then on*


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Hope responds to the man on the radio.

”Kennedy, I’m currently a ways away from you. My name is Dr. Hope. Introductions done.

What injury are you sustaining?

I can attempt to get to the northern region and broadcast again to you when I’m close.

But I’m hoping someone will be able to assist you in the meantime. 

My other doctors are asleep or out of this radio signal to know of this, but I can do my best to assure your health.”

She waits, the radio cutting off.

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Pickups the radio

Arrrre you gud liu fella? Still need help?

Puts the radio back on the pouch and continues walking north

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"Aiden hears the chatter and pulls his radio out of his backpack*

"Hello? I'm already up North I could help you out, I'm no doctor but I've patched myself up enough. Where are you?"

*Aiden turns the volume up awaiting a response* 

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Hope would attempt to be on the frequency for the injured man.

"Kennedy, I'm assuming that hopefully you've been treated.

But the worse case scenario is no one got to you in time...

I hope you can respond. If you still need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask."

She would await another response. Sighing softly to herself.

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Kennedy responds finally

I'm.. Being brought to your place here soon.. By a man named Aiden.. I'll see you soon.. Dr Hope.. 


The Radio cuts off

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