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To the man living in Kamenka

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*Asher picks up his radio, sitting inside a wooden watchtower, seemingly abandoned*

To the man living in Kamenka, the Sons wish to speak to you, if you hear this message, know that we're waiting for you.

*He sets his radio down, the flash of a flare lights up the surrounding buildings, embers bouncing away from the stick, floating into the misty night sky above.

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* The Captain, currently on a patrol overhears the transmission and halts his men's movement. He begins to transmit. *

" This is Captain Heinrich, Alpha Company to the personnel transmitting from Kamenka. We are unaware of anyone currently residing in Kamenka. However, a Outpost has been established in the area for the distribution of aid to survivors. " 

* The Captain takes a drink from his canteen, handing it to the Corporal on his left. He continues.*

" Unfortunately for bandits and other would be thieves, nothing of value will be found within these Outposts. These stations are strictly for aid distribution and nothing is stored within them. "

* The night's air is a cooling relief, as the Captain looks over his men watching over the perimeter. *

" The sons? The Sons of who exactly? I also trust you are not in Kamenka to do any civilians harm. If so, it is advised you cease your hostilities and leave the area immediately. If you are friendly and or in need of aid, we will redirect to you as soon as possible. Due to your usage of a open frequency however, you are recommended to relocate out of Kamenka. Potential hostile forces may have intercepted your transmission and may be inbound to harm you.

* The Captain waves to his men in each direction, they begin to ready themselves for movement. *

"Stay safe, remain vigilant. Captain Heinrich out. "

* The transmission ends and the patrol moves out. *


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*Asher picks up his radio, watching with a grin as an infected stumbles into a batch of barbed wire strewn across the floor, making itself stuck.*

Good to hear from you... Captain? I've not had the privilege of meeting you or your men before. I've heard good things from the group down in Kamarovo though. The Sons of Silence don't mean any harm to civilians. We've actually helped a few people out in Kamenka, assuming your outpost to be an abandoned living area. I hope you don't mind the fact of us taking cover from a storm in the building.

*Asher sets the radio down as a shot rings through the air, from the watchtower above him, the infected falling in a pool of its own blood.*

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* The Captain continues his movement, while pressing the PTT on his radio. *

" Captain Heinrich to The Sons of Silence, the pleasure I'm sure will be ours my friend. We do whatever we can to help those in need, I am happy to hear you and your people are joining in the aiding of survivors in need as well. "

* He shoulders his weapon and lights a cigarette, while giving soldiers on his right flank a signal to expand their spacing. *

" Due to the potential threat of hostiles listening in, we must continue our conversation via secure comms. "

* The Captain reaches to switch the channel but hears movement behind him and his men. He brings his weapon back to the ready and spits his cigarette away. *


* Numerous gunshots and the sounds of infected screams are heard, before the transmission ends. *



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