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Server time (UTC): 2019-08-24, 17:27
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S1 - BadRP - Zelenogorsk - 20:30-20:40ish

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Server and location: S1 - Zelenogosk

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  20:30-20:40ish

Your in game name: Doctor James Cole

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Text log will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None

Detailed description of the events: 


I logged in for the first time since the update. I didn't realize it, but my microphone was broken for whatever reason.


I went into Zelenogorsk, and proceeded to get attacked by zombies during the night. Hoping to attract some RP, I shot them.


A gentleman approached and asked me something along the lines of 'Hey, you okay?' Logs will show an OOC and text RP exchange as I realized my game was broken. I tried to fix it for a few moments before giving up and getting into text-RP instead. You can see all of my replies as a result.


The gentleman held me up, and politely told me to drop my gun, my bag, my vest,  and my club. He was apologetic and cordial in RP, as were my replies. However, the content and extent of the roleplay was just him taking my gear, having a brief exchange with a random outside, then leaving with my backpack. I wasn't really provided... any roleplay. I would like to talk with the individual if we have the opportunity so I can coach him. I sort of got the feeling based on how I was robbed that he was new to the game, and overall his execution of the initial holdup and such was very well done, its just what came after was pretty much an extended 5 sec drop weap robbery.


I was left with plenty of food and water, and being in the middle of zelenogorsk a good chance to survive. I just wished that the robbery would have provided some meat or substance to work with. After he left I proceeded to walk around the building and hear moaning and pain noises from what I presumed to be the random. He laid down bleeding, I walked up to heal, and when I brought a bandage to my hands the game crashed. I crashed a few more times as logs will show, and when I was able to get back in game he was gone. Rip my chance to have good medical RP after a robbery!



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Chat Logs:

20:36:53 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): *calls out* A little cramped in here!
20:37:07 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): //is there a new mic button?
20:37:12 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Yeah, doing alright. Just got a bit pinned in here
20:37:20 | Chat("Nathan Donny"): // x maybe?
20:37:29 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): //one sec
20:37:51 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): //nothing?
20:38:01 | Chat("Nathan Donny"): /cc go to keybinds
20:38:32 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Thanks for the help mate, I do appreciate it
20:38:52 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Yeah, sure thing. Got to reload anyway
20:39:26 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): You got it man
20:39:41 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Relax my friend, I'm not gonna give you any trouble
20:39:49 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Yes sir, a group of doctors.
20:40:05 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Not in the area, nah. I didn't radio out
20:40:29 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Not my style, I don't hurt people.
20:41:12 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Its just medical supplioes
20:41:30 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): No idea who it is mate, all my friends are a ways off
20:42:03 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): You could have just asked if you were low on supplies my friend, I get how it can be.
20:42:15 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): It is how it is.
20:42:31 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): You just let me know when I can gather up the rest of my things, I'm not gonna go after ya.
20:43:57 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Someone out there?
20:44:30 | Chat("Doctor James Cole"): Where are you?

Connection Logs:

20:22:23 | Player "Nathan Donny" is connected
-Still Connected-

20:14:51 | Player "Doctor James Cole" is connected 
20:45:17 | Player "Doctor James Cole" has been disconnected
20:47:18 | Player "Doctor James Cole" is connected 
20:48:10 | Player "Doctor James Cole" has been disconnected
20:49:07 | Player "Doctor James Cole" is connected 
20:53:24 | Player "Doctor James Cole" has been disconnected
20:57:54 | Player "Doctor James Cole" is connected
-Still Connected-

Calling in

@Rover - Doctor James Cole | POSTED

@Nathannibs - Nathan Donny

For their full detailed POV. Along with any other evidence that they may have of this situation. Please also list all of your allies that were involved.

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Thank you @RandyRP, this report can be closed. I talked things out in discord.

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The staff team has looked over this report and have agreed to honor the OP's wishes, and close it.
We are glad you could talk this out and come to an understanding.


Signed by @Zilly, @RandyRP, and @Onyx

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