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Reaching Out to Devils Castle

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*Radio static is interrupted by a crackle followed by a voice"

"Hello this is Lieutenant Colonel Aiden Walsh of the  Provisional Army of Chernarus I am seeking anyone who has information about or that is currently inhabiting Devils Castle. The P.A.C is looking for trade, work and temporary refuge. If there is anyone out there please respond, our rations are running thin and the river water is getting us sick.

*Aiden sets down the handset from his field radio. Scattered voices can be heard from the broadcast then the transmission cuts off*

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*Tom pushes the PTT on his radio*

"Lieutenant Colonel;  I can't tell you who currently controls the Castle at this particular hour, but if you're looking for supplies, I'm currently hauling several kills worth of fresh meat from my last hunt and looking to trade.  I'd avoid the area there, been a lot of fighting over the last week.  If you want to meet somewhere, we can and I'd be happy to trade some of this food with you."

*He would release the PTT*

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*Collin picks up the radio and hits the PTT*

"Devils Castle is currently uninhabited as a rodent infestation has driven away the populace that was once there."

*Collin releases the PTT* 

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*Juan Hearing the man* 

Hey homes Im pretty sure its controlled by King Eddie, Hope this helps

*Juan would release the ptt*


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