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The Nikitin Prodejna - Trade Post Event
TODAY | 2019-04-21 17:00:00 (server time) | Starts in 11 hours, 39 minutes | Chernogorsk Docks | Peaceful
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[Event Freq] Nikitin Prodejna - Radio Broadcasts

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*For months now, most radio chatter has been limited to just outside of neighboring oblasts for Chernarus. Russian jamming still plays havoc with any attempted radio chatter off of all of it's borders. However, for the first time in months of relative intermittent signals and silence from other parts of the country.. a disruption in the static is heard*

"---bzzzt---bzzzt--And th-t's th- news fr-m the border. Next we'll be talking about traders. Recently, an influx of trading has been seen across the country which has greatly helped to re-establish the economy. From what we've seen these traders are using Roubles, and are helping to circulate goods from nearby countries and even other oblasts. However we've also received reports of a resurgence in criminal activity, and the vile group known as the 'mass terrors' are still on the run.

This station has received a map and time table for some of the traders and where they plan to go. While we won't be releasing all of this information, we will release snippets. According to these submissions, the popular Chrysopoeia Corporation will be heading to the South Zagoria oblast, the Free Merchants will be visiting the 'Capital City' of Novigrad, and the Citizens Trade Guild will be arriving in BPR territory at Kasimov. 

Most caravans will be accepting fuel and propane for trade, as Chernarus starts to stockpile supplies. Further information will be provided by the traders in short bursts. Continuing on, today the CDF and CAF have confirmed the weakening of Russian jamming. What this means for Chernarus, they can't say yet, but all this station can say is.. it's good to hear from people again. This has been Radio CCNN live from Lyutyi Island."

*The strong and clear signal then returns to it's former silence. As it fades out, more and more short bursts can be heard than before. A general static of talking, music, and other noises can be heard as South Zagoria once again opens it's ears. While radio stations that can respond to the rest of the country are few, South Zagoria can still listen*

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*After two weeks of intermittent bursts, mostly static or occasional short snippets of sound, a faint crackling would be heard. After a few hours of the crackling, you begin to hear the rough sound of someone's voice attempting to cut through the chatter. Finally, the person manages to get close enough and is able to cut through the interference and a clear, calm voice is heard*

"Ahem. This is the trade caravan for Chrysopoeia Corporation. We will be arriving in the South Zagorian Oblast for trade on Sunday. According to the remaining weather radar's and satellites, it should make for a nice day to trade. I want to remind anyone listening that we are in search of necessities such as Fuel and Propane for trade. We are also looking for vehicle parts, protective vests, and various medical supplies.

We will be trading in Roubles, as most of the country has adapted to this system. We obviously have plenty to sell, and for the right price we can even sell you some information on what's going on outside of this cozy corner of the world.

Also, due to the recent sightings of the 'Terrors' in this Oblast, we will be leaving at 3 o'clock sharp. Please be safe on your approach to this area, and don't take chances when it comes to bandits. Chrysopoeia Corp. is very interested in the resources still bountiful in this part of the country, and we will most likely return relatively soon. We will be positioned near the port in Chernogorsk. 

This has been Chryopoeia Corporation's Trade message. Every hour on the hour. Out.

*The radio would then return to the intermittent bursts of static and voice snippets. After an hour, the exact same message would play again on loop.* 

//(Reminder. The location is part of the event. Don't go near it before Sunday. Damaging the compound and the surrounding structures before and during the event will be considered griefing and punished accordingly.)

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