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groovy kase

Life of a Northern Irish (Continued)

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Chapter 1 - Smell of Death

Kase stood staring at the two men in front of him on their knees, the sound around him completely muffled and only a piercing ringing sound resonated through his eardrums as he gripped the FX-45 tightly in his right palm. The men in blue armbands surrounding him continued to shout and tell him to execute one of the two men before him. His eyes shut for a moment as he took a deep breathe through his nostrils before releasing a soft audible sigh.

"C'mon, Ryker. You wanna be a savage, don't ya? Do it, brother." the man said with his thick southern accent in a tone of encouragement, perhaps slightly too excited to see one of his victims spill blood for the amusement of himself and his friends.

"Do whatever it takes, Kase. We survived the storm together, brother." A sudden familiar grizzled and echoed voice drew through his mind that caused him to look to his right, only to see those words weren't spoken by anyone.

You're right, Noble.

Kase rose the handgun in his hand and pointed it towards the man on his right in all black, his hand didn't shake even the slightest as a sudden bit of confidence rushed through his veins before he pulled the trigger and watched the man fall onto his back, the crimson colored blood mixed with brain matter from the man splattered against the concrete wall behind him as he laid there lifeless. One of the men in the blue armbands walked up to the body and shot him a second time in the chest to confirm the kill.

"Holy shit! You are a savage, Ryker!" the southern man said as the rest exclaimed in agreement with the man.

"Right, c'mon, you're with us now, Ryker." another man with a thicker eastern European accent spoke up as he pointed towards the car that the southern man entered.

Kase sat in the backseat and just stared back at the man he had just killed before his gaze shifted towards the road they began to drive on, wondering why and where that voice in his head came from. Was he going crazy? Was it the shock? Whatever it was, it gave him the strength to pull the trigger on an innocent man, albeit not given much of a choice.

After a few minutes of driving west, the car began to hit a few bumpy potholes in the road and suddenly it span out of control, crashing into a military checkpoint. The car behind them slowed down and everyone began to spread out.

"Shit, brother, what do we do, man?" the southern man asked with a light chuckle to his tone.

"Guess we foot it, where are we going?" Kase asked the man and without much more interaction, they began to foot it towards the fields.

Even after probably a good hour of running, there wasn't much exchanged between Kase and the southern man as they continued to run through forests and fields until they found themselves following some power lines. It was a long run that felt like hours but really was more than likely only between a half hour to an hour, which paid off in the end as they arrived to the outskirts of Zeleno.

"Alright, listen up, Savage. I got one last job for you. My boys tell me there's a guy in the military base there and what I want you to do is--"

"Hold him up and take his shit." Kase cut him off as he turned to look at the southern man for confirmation on his words.

"That's exactly right, brother." the man said as he began to run down there with Kase.

Kase took another deep breathe as he knew more than likely this next situation would be another gunfight but this time the other person was most likely armed and ready to fight back. He slid back the fore-end of his shotgun as an empty shell popped out of the ejection port, lowering his left hand down to his field vest pouch, undoing the velcro with his thumb and index as he pulled out a single slug shell and loaded it into the loading port, nodding to himself in a form of preparation.

They arrived down at the military base in Zeleno and there was the man they spoke of, wearing a surgical mask. He stood there interacting with some of the blue armbands, staring at all of them.

"Do your thing, Ryker." the familiar southern man said as he somewhat gave him a verbal nudge of encouragement.

"ALRIGHT PUT YOUR FUCKIN' HANDS UP, MAN! DO IT NOW!" Kase rose his shotgun up and pointed the barrel down at the man's head, not even 5 feet away from him. The man chuckled and let out a sigh as he turned to stare at Kase, clearly disregarding his threat as he stood there for a moment, clearly contemplating if he could draw quicker than Kase could pull his trigger and so he did. He drew his rifle and shot four rounds into Kase's chest but just a split second before he fired, Kase pulled the trigger and the man's head gushed into a bloody mess of bloody, bone fragments, skull fragments and brain residue on the pavement.

Kase fell back unconscious from the rounds before he was patched up by the blue armbands who then seemed more than impressed at this point with his compliance and reliability in being their hostage. Kase couldn't recollect much more after that, due to his more recent injuries as he began to just head north. He was given the supplies that were on the man he killed and sent on his way, but even while running or rather jogging. Kase was zoned out, by the time he got to Novaya, he passed out in the school that had appeared to be recently raided or ransacked.

The smell of death ridden on his clothes.

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