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I had wierd thought's again..

Have you played any stalker games and which one was your favorit?  

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I always Had this vision of Dayzrp.. That It be something Closer to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games.. Not the world.. mutants or factions.. More to how it feels.. How It gives such a good balance of hostile and friendly scenarios. How it has spots where you feel safe and social interaction. Yet also got the real hotzones where your so knee deep in problems your certain death Is right behind you. There's plenty of Threads talking about How the community or the game Itself is turning more and more hostile. With more bad guy groups.. How people know with the limit on automatic weapons tend to turn more hostile and more needy.. Hoarding weapons for quick recovery on failed iniations. How some look at you more like a walking loot bag then an actual person. Of course not everyone.. This community would not still be standing and have so many great people left In it if it was all  bad. And allot of complains happen in the heat of the moment where frustration rises to the surface the most. So It's understandable. I'm not here to incite anything or talk about bad things.. Just share an idea or perspective or even a Vision I had of dayzRp and how I hoped it would have progressed since the modding day. 

As much as I miss outfits from the modds.. Having locked outfits to factions feelt easier. Firefights and even big War's would play out more betwen the actual factions. And less bystanders would get shoot for it. I imagined the idea of a Red vs blue with a specfic uniform + Red berret or blue berret would be locked to that faction and they would have KOS rights 100% on eachother.. And it would catch the glimps of the playerbase that's more interested in combat and shooting people. Of course It would be similar or the same as we have now to allot extent. I still would enjoyed that and all that would come from it. maybe a trader dealing to both sides.. Or mercenaries getting hired temporarly and using the uniforms..  Of course it would require modding to lock the outfit on place to people to prevent them from sneaking it off in a backpack then sneaking it back on for the KOS oppertunities..  

I imagined allot more that the world would be more.. Outpost.. more friendly people.. Stalker always had a great mix of enemies and allies and neutrals.. Of course that's based on the idea that outside the zone.. Real life and socity still exist.. And therefor the one's in the zone are killing one another yes. but still many are there for profit and wish to be able to get out of the zone and understand that you need friends for that and connections. Yes It exist on the server tho.. I'm not saying It's a Deathmatch.. but I feel many encounters are just people checking one another for what gear they got.. With allot i don't mean all. ^^ Many still play social rp.. trading rp.. And well all that. 

I imagined more that bandits.. Would have higher dangers to them.. Maybe get marked for KOS for a longer period if they got announced multiple times that they robbed people.. Maybe put some more pressure on the evil doers.. ^^ It's not what everyone want.. And I respect people taking upon themself to play a bad roll. I mean I roll 90% with bad guy groups myself.. I'm not only vision better things for the good guys and the social and the we don't want to get robbed people..  I always saw Bandit groups expanding.. To territory control similar to that of the Red vs blue.. Maybe a way to put trackers on people and have them as slaves that you could always find if they ran away.. And only a super rare item would remove the tracker and had to be used by another player on you.. 

I miss non-lethal weapons.. Tazers.. Gas.. Beanbag rounds.. Of course that's more for the Dayz standalone devs or modders.. And perhaps not a necesary edition.. But would been awesome to have. maybe a rule could then apply that you could use them without having to verbally iniate? 

I always looked and actually talked about it before.. About diffrent firezones.. Like KOS zones.. Safe zones.. Many hate the idea.. and i respect it.. I see how it would change the game and.. how it get camped.. or how people just hoard inside it.. or stuff like that.. But i did imagine diffrent zones.. But maybe more in terms that you had outpost with really really easy and good defences that was really hard to overcome.. But they needed a special supplie resource going in to there like command center.. Or things would start to break down.. forcing trade and supplie runs.. But also It could make for some long sieges waiting out people and groups..  

I'm not sure why I posted this.. Just sharing strange thoughts.. thank you if you read.. And feel free to answer the poll on what Stalker game if you played one.. Was your favorit.. Feel free to comment or just mention why you like that specifc stalker game.. Or maybe write asking me wtf I smoked writing this.. Peace.. ^^ 

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1 hour ago, Timeremortem said:

I always Had this vision of Dayzrp..


1 hour ago, Timeremortem said:

As much as I miss outfits from the modds.. Having locked outfits to factions feelt easier.

I sincerely doubt the admins will ever consider railroading hostile groups into a faction PvP server. If you get misID report it or accept that sometimes innocent bystanders get killed.

1 hour ago, Timeremortem said:

more friendly people..

I mean, there are plenty of friendly individuals on the server, several friendly groups too, such as Galapagos. You might have some bad luck, or you might be frequenting the wrong areas for friendly RP, such as the triangle. 

1 hour ago, Timeremortem said:

but I feel many encounters are just people checking one another for what gear they got..

People can and will rob you for your shit. Often if you comply you'll still receive an interesting experience and asking for more tradingRP/socialRP isn't going to change anything. Once more, if you get ten second robbery'd, report. Protip to AVOID robbery, don't walk around with an alice pack and two M4s, cause then you're asking to be robbed.

1 hour ago, Timeremortem said:

I imagined more that bandits.. Would have higher dangers to them..

With the way the server dynamic is now, bandit groups are plentiful, but they also very dangerous to be a part of. I know I'd get lynched if I walked into any kind of trading city because the average foreigner dog   Joe hates us. Besides, most of the bandit groups fight against each other and it's only a matter of time before the big coalition of banditry collapses under its own greed. Its a cycle and it has always been like this.

1 hour ago, Timeremortem said:

I miss non-lethal weapons..

Would be nice, but I'm not sure we have the modding tools to make those... yet.

1 hour ago, Timeremortem said:

About diffrent firezones..

We had settlement rules, they killed the server, everyone hated them, please never again.

1 hour ago, Timeremortem said:

That It be something Closer to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games..

Perhaps you should stop comparing DayZRP to another fictional game in a Sci-Fi genre, because your nostalgia for a game you love might be clouding your enjoyment of the game. 



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Posted (edited)

I feel Like I stepped on your toes.. Sorry.. I just opend my mind a bit.. Im not nagging or at least not what my intension was with the post. Anyhow.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. ^^

Edited by Timeremortem

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