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Message to 24th Blvd workers.

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*Ricardo would press his PTT*

"Hey vatos how you doing, this is a message for everyone who works for me at the moment and has been contacting me over the radio. I will be taking my leave for a bit, I will be giving my frequency to my ese named Billy. From now on all the business you have been doing with me you will now be going through Billy, It will be the same concept you will just be going through a different person. Like I said the frequency will be the same you will just be working for Billy."

*Ricardo would release his PTT*

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*Boriqua hears his brother*


"Have a nice vacation vato"

"Watch out for those takistani womens"

"I heard billy is a good man"

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Posted (edited)

*Kiko would press on the PTT*

"Orale carnal. I making sure to go talking to Billy."

*Kiko would release  the PTT*

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