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The Cult of Mann (One way Transmission)

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*The chanting of an unknown language can be heard in the background as the transmission starts*

*The speaker amplifies his gravely voice as he begins to preach*

"THE TIME FOR JUDGEMENT HAS COME! Mann, the great, the powerful, blessed be thy name, who's domain which we now reside"

*Voices in background speak praises of Mann in unison with the speaker*

"He who's will has begun this cleansing of the Earth. All who reside upon our mortal plain is subject to his judgement. Change your ways. Praise him, praise him or face his wrath upon the deliverance of your just verdict. Your time for judgement has come, he offers deliverance from our mortal pain, and sorrow. No longer busy yourself with the idle morale toils of man, set aside the drudgery. Your only task is that which he grants you, save your soul and that of your fellow man before the..."

*Heavy static cuts in*

"Call upon his name for strength. Praise him who's will is just, wrath is swift, and who's hand offers endless salvation"

*Voices in background chant "Praise he"*

"The abominations you fight are the enemies of Mann, those who were judged unworthy. Change your ways. Follow him before you are cursed to walk this world until the end of time as one of the murderous abominations. Call upon his prophet! Seek enlightenment! Face Mann for your judgement, and claim your salvation!"

*Rhythmic chanting can be heard in an unknown language*

"I the prophet of Mann, praise his glory and power, beseech you to seek me and my disciples. We will deliver you onto him for your judgement. Seek us for your enlightenment. Seek us for your salvation."

*Transmission stops*


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*Thomas recognizes the voice of the prophet. He has not been able to forget what happened two days ago, and, in fear, decides to take the radio and ask a very important request*

Mi... Mister prophet... This is... Thomas. Thomas Wilson. I... met you two days ago and... *pauses* Sir, I wanted to ask you to drink again from your potion... please!

I... I felt very happy in the kingdom of Mann... And I want to live again in that palace of glass where I can see everything, from the beginning to the end of time! *he sounds in awe*

Please Mister prophet, I know, I know that you think that I am... bad... but... but can I at least have the recipe for the potion? So that I can go back to the realm of Mann???? please!!!!

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*The static is broken as the transmission starts*

"They will return from whence they came. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. The unworthy, and those who resist judgement will receive their punishment upon the final stage of the cleansing. The price for blasphemy however is clear in the sacred book, and will result in the reaping of what you sow. Beware for the sacred word of R'lyehian, it is not to be disobeyed. Heed this warning, your ignorance has been lifted, and insolence will not be tolerated."

*The sound of screaming can be heard as the transmission ends*


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