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How to fix Being Unable to Speak, Move, and Other Problems!

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Hello, reader! We meet again!

A few months ago I made a guide on a alternate method of joining our server through a direct IP connection. 
Well, this time, I am going to teach YOU, how to fix a couple of issues I see people having pretty often and even I have had to deal with. Now I will warn you, this guide involves messing with a couple of files so if you do not feel comfortable doing so, then please ask a friend or someone from the community to help. 

Ready? Lets get started!

The problems: Being unable to move, open your ESC menu, or your microphone symbol is not popping up when you hit your Push To Talk button.

The solution: First of all, close DayZ COMPLETELY, this means the Launcher and everything. Then open up File Explorer on your computer by hitting your Windows key, which should be that cute little quad-square thingy in the bottom left of your keyboard, and typing File Explorer. Click and open the program that pops up. 
Next, you're gonna want to find your Documents directory. For me, its at the top left of the File Explorer user interface. Once you have it open just find your DayZ folder and it open it up. Inside you should see several files. Two of these files will be of the type XML DOCUMENT, click on them and then either hit DELETE on your keyboard or right click on each of the XML files and then click delete.

Once you've done that, just launch DayZ, through the built-in launcher of course, and you should be good to go! 
This might fix other bugs you may encounter as well. So don't be afraid to delete them if you're having any sort of trouble. DayZ will automatically remake these two files so there is nothing to worry about.


Thank you all very much for taking the time to read my guide, and I hope I was able to help you out! Even if you have never experienced these bugs before, remember that this is DayZ we're playing and bugs are bound to happen. At least now you can rest easy knowing that YOU now have the solution. Got another issue you'd like me to make a guide for? Just let me know. So now get out there and have some fun!






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