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Server time (UTC): 2019-08-23, 01:28
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S1, NVFL, Woods in the North of Novaya, 2019-04-01, 23:15 - 23:20

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Server and location: S1, Woods in the North of Novaya

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  23:15 - 23:20, 2019-04-01

Your in game name: Penny Ashlin

Names of allies involved: @Lyca Khandra, @Ender Edward

Name of suspect/s: @sighguyy Zac Stark

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 




Detailed description of the events: 

Build up to the event:

A guy @sighguyy I had never seen before asks me for any kind of drugs in the clinic in Novaya. Lots of bullets start flying, most of us crash. After logging back in, we ( @Ender@Lyca and I together with the random drug asking guy @sighguyy) run from Novaya, through the Woods up North, to escape the shootings in the city, we were not involved in. Trying to reach the summer camp of Tisy, about which we told @sighguyy and he was really keen to go there and showed no suicidal thoughts.

Event itself in details:

On the way North we start talking a bit in the woods, asking him about the drugs he is interested in and if it matters to him what they do. Khandra describes him a drug and its effects, plus conditions under which he can have it and a contact to get more. He happily takes a pill and immediately swallows it. The effects are again described OOC with // (as seen in the video) so he can RP it out correctly. He asks how long it takes for the effects to hit him, but suddenly says "Holy shit" and sits down relaxed. Khandra @Lyca attempts to keep communicating with him but he stops replying to her. Suddenly he takes out his gun and F11 kills himself in front of us, without any explanation. 

Our attempts to contact him were unsuccessful (as seen in the screenshot above) and he has returned to playing the same character on the server after killing himself.


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Posted (edited)


Met up on my new character with Lyca and greeny in Novaya in the medical clinic. There was supposedly a firefight so we decided to dip out. just after we got out of the medical clinic in Novaya we all crashed. Greeny, Lyca, Sighguyy, and I logged back in and started making our way to the hills and forests north. Once there we started talking to our new friend when he was asking for any sort drugs. We gave him a pill we had been given by @Elmo's dead batteries character a few days ago. Once he took it he decided the best course of action was to scatter his brains all over the forest. This wouldnt be a problem. RIP Zac Right?. No. he respawns and continues playing the same character that should have a bowling ball sized hole in his skull. We tried to contact him multiple times to ask what was up? but all attempts failed. We even had @RandyRP kick him from the server with the message "come to dayZRP discord" and yet nothing.

Edited by Ender

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POV Khandra Myska:

Well. We were getting some treatment for my hand injury in the clinic in Novaya Petrovka. As soon Mrs. doctorlady Beth was done with treating my hand, we heard a lot of shots in the city and we were informed of a small firefight happening near the school. A few people were looking for a place to hide in so they came to the clinic among those people was Zac Stark ( @sighguyy). He instantly asked around if people would have drugs and pills but at that point I wasn't comfortable to offer him some, since I didn't know how the other people would react to it. So I just waited for the right moment. After a short while the gunfire stopped and we decided to holster our weapons and run for the forest since there is a summer camp up there. We leave the clinic and suddenly it was only my sister ( @GreenySmiley ) my good friend ( @Ender) and the drug addict ( @sighguyy) and I was super happy I could finally offer him the drug I had on me, since that is what I was supposed to do. The guy who introduced himself as Sparrow said he wanted to follow us up north to the camp. I gave him the red drug and explained to him what effect it would have on him. I also told him that he wasn't suppose to tell anyone that I gave it to him. Well after a minute he screamed "Oh holy shit..." which made me believe that the drug already kicked in. The specific drug would make him feel numb to everything. He wouldn't feel any kind of anxiety or sadness or anything really. At that point he didn't responded to me anymore and got out his mosin. He was holding it under his chin which made me quite uncomfortable but also the thought of being selfish came to my mind at that point. In the moment of me asking "Are you okay?" he shot himself finally in the face and he dropped dead in front of me. We were all quite shocked since the drug actually would have had the opposite effect even when he was suicidal. But hey ...was his own decision to take his life for nothing. We went on with our lives and went up to the camp. 

OOC: We went right away to the Staff Channel cause he was continuing to play the same character even after doing seppuku right in front of 3 people. RandyRP was messaging him on RCON so we can meet up in discord and talk about it but to no avail. We were messaging him then on the forums but he only read the message and ignored us again. Which sadly that brings us to that point here now. 

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Kill Logs:

23:18:48 | Player "Zac Stark" committed suicide


Chat Logs:

23:17:12 | Chat("Khandra Myska"): *She hands him over the plastic-
23:17:24 | Chat("Khandra Myska"): bag with a red pill in it*
23:18:02 | Chat("Khandra Myska"): *She hands him over a paper with a frequency* //contact Elmo
23:18:11 | Chat("Khandra Myska"): //You would feel numb, relaxed and chill
23:18:24 | Chat("Khandra Myska"): //you wouldn't feel anxious, stressed or anything really
23:19:03 | Chat("Penny Ashlin"): //timestamp


Connection Logs:

21:31:02 | Player "Zac Stark" is connected
23:10:15 | Player "Zac Stark" has been disconnected
23:10:45 | Player "Zac Stark" is connected

23:11:16 | Player "Penny Ashlin" is connected
23:27:35 | Player "Penny Ashlin" has been disconnected
23:55:45 | Player "Penny Ashlin" is connected
01:42:36 | Player "Penny Ashlin" has been disconnected

23:11:05 | Player "Khandra Myska" is connected
01:33:32 | Player "Khandra Myska" has been disconnected

23:10:41 | Player "Edward Connolly" is connected
23:57:44 | Player "Edward Connolly" has been disconnected
23:59:08 | Player "Edward Connolly" is connected
01:05:57 | Player "Edward Connolly" has been disconnected


Calling in:

@GreenySmiley - Penny Ashlin | POSTED

@Ender - Edward Connolly | POSTED

@Lyca - Khandra Myska | POSTED

@sighguyy - Zac Stark

For their full detailed POV. Along with any other evidence that they may have of this situation. Please also list all of your allies that were involved. 

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@sighguyy Will be temporarily banned until he posts his POV and any evidence he may have.

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Due to the @sighguyy not responding to this report after being temp banned, he will need to create a ban appeal to be able to play on our servers again. 

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