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Doctor Durnim

Bad Server Version, Connection Failed.

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So after 2 days of struggling with this I am about to give up on this. I joined this server 2 years ago, been playing absolutely fine for 2 years on an off rarely, however I wanted to get back into this game, but the new mod MoreGuns has seemed to cause issues for everyone. I cannot connect, I have reinstalled my mods, checked my parameters and made new characters to try and work around. My character was added before the moreguns addon was added, now I cannot connect, and I do not have the option to reinstall my dayz because my internet will go over if I do.  Can anyone give me advice on how to fix this? I have read every other forum post i've noticed about this topic, all say to reinstall dayz, cant. Also say to reinstall mods, I've done it, I am wondering if I need to make a new character, as if the old one may have been corrupted? Any help will be appreciated, if my only option is to reinstall dayz then I cannot play on the server. 

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Hello Doctor Durnim! Sorry about your issues, let's see if we can fix it for you real quick.

Steam is having issues today that can result in a time out error. If you do not feel this is the issue and are able to join normal servers then proceed to the troubleshooting below. 


  1. Make sure you are opening DayZ via the DayZ Launcher found in steam, not DayZSA.
    1. Open Steam
    2. Navigate to DayZ in your library
    3. Right-click DayZ and select "Run DayZ Launcher"
  2. Once that is open navigate to your MODS screen inside the launcher
    1. MoreGuns and DayZRP Mod need to be the only mods checked.
    2. Both mods need to be updated (No clocks beside them  meaning they must be updated)
  3. Navigate to the PARAMETERS screen inside the launcher
    1. Make sure Profile Name is checked and everything else is unchecked. 
    2. Ensure your profile name is typed in exactly how it appears on your character sheet. 
  4. Press play
  5. Set up how you want your player to look and exit out of the initial finding server screen
  6. Hit "Change Server" instead and search for dayzrp.com in the filters to find our server
  7. Put in the password and hit enter

If the above does not solve your issue then take screenshots of your MODS and PARAMETERS in the DayZ Launcher and join in on the Waiting for Staff Help discord voice chat. 




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