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Boarder control!?

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Hey, got a friend of mine trying to get through the whitelist and he was according to him denied because his backstory didn't start out in Chernarus due to boarder control or something or other, which is all well and good, I mean I remember that going on.... my question is this...it's been two years since. Hasn't the rest of the world already gone to shit by now and if not for whatever reason, Chernarus should have been blown off the face of the earth to prevent a global crisis? I mean that's not even a real question as the lore states clearly the rest of the world has fallen to shit, hence the dilemma of the boarder issue. Wouldn't it make sense purely for the server as a whole to allow people to come back and forth since folk are actively RP'ing this already when it comes to switching out active characters and of course to allow character diversity. 

You may remember me from such times as when I originally tried to fix the broken lore with that whole having the infection not originate in a non English speaking country, to have a reason for the vast English speaking player base's characters to want to even be there to begin with for you know... basic sense reasons of not dying. You'll recall the entire community girl screaming at the thought of a logical lore that explained why foreigner characters outnumbered natives 10 to 1 before it was ignored for whatever reason no one is really sure of, so I am here again to hopefully install some of that bitchin wisdom with another little pointer for something I find very important, being character diversity and not all being the same...

Chernarus is a very rural country, meaning low population in comparison to a lot of European countries  with their big cities as well as the mighty Russia right up north, thus meaning less mega hordes of infected and what not in comparison. Seems with that little bit of fact it might be a reason for folk to want to CROSS the boarder over to Chernarus from these other countries due to that whole staying alive thing... so thoughts? Can we address this boarder issue, because besides denying whitelist to folk based on that little bit of ya know... logic, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to have boarder control at this state of the lore. I mean correct me if I am wrong here, but if whitelists are being questioned on the grounds of boarder control then I have to question this for the sake of the rest of RP to save everyone else tripping over themselves when they decide their characters wish to 'venture'.


PS: I may misunderstand this... I am actually kinda hoping I do. (Low key RP'd crossing the boarder)

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Obviously, I haven't read your buddy's backstory, so I can't necessarily comment on its denial with any accuracy. 

On the point of nations going to shit. I refer you to this thread:

tl;dr most major nations still have a semi-functioning government and military force. Also, the Russian border, in particular, went into lockdown during the outbreak so if he says he crossed there it might be why he was denied.


Here is what Chernarus looks like today. Courtesy of @Major



As you can see, the Chernarussian government is still in control of several major settlements.


Best of luck on your buds application. If he's dead set on crossing the border he might want to take a look at the thread I linked, might be able to justify it if he incorporates more of the lore into it. 


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VNP is right.

Next time instead of making a thread itemizing your list of 2 year old complaints just to drop a mention of the guy you are trying to help at the beginning have him contact one of us over discord. 

The FSB is still in control of the northern border with Chernarus, but that's not to say he couldn't have been smuggled past, bribed, or gone through a conflict area. Not sure why he was denied in the first place, strikes me as a bit silly. If Loremasters did whitelists this type of stuff wouldn't happen, that's not a jab at the admins, that's simply me saying that Loremasters are generally more understanding in certain departments. 

The border with Takistan is as wide open as a thai hooker's thighs right now, so not sure why anybody couldn't get through there.

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OwO @Major posted a thing OwO


As much as I enjoy reading this, it is rather entertaining. But allow me to state very plainly that there was likely other reasons your friends white-list was denied. Also it is Border, for one, these typos and lack of ability to use the google spell-check does... It bugs me, but onward.

If there is an issue with the backstory, he can reapply, there are PLENTY of other ways to say one got into the country besides. "Yo I just hopped the fence at the Russian Border, fuck the police yo." Could be an immigrant, tourist, could've sailed on a dingy across the sea, doesn't really matter. But if it's really that big of a deal, your friend can discuss his application with STAFF or these lovely LOREMASTERS. @Major is of course my biased favorite UwU.

The lore doesn't need to be 'fixed', it's fine.

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Thanks for the answer VNP, I was unaware of a lot of that.

Please close.

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//Closed at the request of the OP 

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