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Appeal BadRP/NVFL

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: While I actually do believe the verdict is correct id like to ask the staff take into account the time ive played on the servers and been on the forums with no incident this is literally my first offense and I intend to learn from this error in judgment.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: While I have no issues with the original report I do feel ashamed for the way I reacted/over reacted to the situation and would like to formally apologize to everyone I acted disrespectfully towards and  tried to degrade.Id also like to apologize to the community as a whole as ive been here 4 months I knew the rules and I let my anger/emotions take over and acted like a child.

What would I like to achieve with this appeal:Id like to have my ban  days shortened on the server  and my character PKed. As I honest to god enjoy  this server and have many friends here id liketo ask for maybe a two day ban? if that's acceptable 

What could I have done better?: Instead of getting angry and becoming defensive and disrespectful during the report I should have responded not only with respect but a proper POV. I also could have Rped my character better and followed the Roleplay guidelines properly while Rping IC.

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Hi @Gopnik22,

A separate team of Staff have looked over the original verdict as well as your appeal and has analysed both carefully in order to come to a conclusion.

We believe that the Verdict was completely fair and justified. You essentially showed BadRP and no value for your own character's life by throwing yourself off a building "for fun".
Behavior like this in a strictly realistic community is not acceptable as we require all of our members to act in game how they believe their characters would.

Furthermore, you also claim that the appeal should be accepted because the playtime you have on this server should be taken into account. Unfortunately, we don't work that way. Mistakes will be punished in order for you to learn a lesson and for our community servers to stay mature and realistic. We do not see you bring forth any supporting evidence on why this should be accepted and you even admit that the verdict was fair.

On the basis thereof, the following applies


/Appeal Denied, Points  & ban remain. Character PK'ed

Respectfully signed by @Phoenix, @Pontiff & @BrianM 

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