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D7 Mercenaries Zaahid's notebok

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Zaahid and a few of his ragtag mercenaries enter pustoshka with the intel given by certain sources. They clear the town and head towards their target located at the water pump, Zaahid contacts his employer and is cleared to eliminate Jiri Svobodov, he walks up to the pump and the man drinking and draws his ak-47.

They stare at eachother for a few moments before Jiri mutters: "What the hell a fucking taki in my country? haha, you won't last long fucking pinko. What do you want?" Zaahid looks at him and says: "Salam aleikum i'm Zaahid el Noor and by allahs will this shall be your last day, any last words you chedaki scumbag?" Jiri raises a brow since noone but Dimitri knew he was a Chedaki remenant.

Jiri put a firm grip on his akm as he screamt at the top his lungs "SLAVA CHEDAKI, SLAVA RUSSIA" before rasing his gun to fire at Zaahid.

*Zaahid presses his PTT* 

"Salam aleikum, i have taken the target down. You have 4 hours to deliver payment"

*Zaahid releases his PTT*


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What a meme.

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